advice or critique form please!

this is me doing a 40 yard dash,
Any advice? what kind of trainig do you think i can benefit from?

I would say you need more strength (who doesn’t). The first 1-3 steps looks good but you’re not getting any push from 8-20m. I would try taking longer strides from the blocks and try to increase frequency though-out the 40 yard.
When you’re in upright running position it looks like your moving but not getting anywhere, I think a better strength to weight ratio would make it better. You might also be a bit tight (not relaxing) however I can not tell from the video quality.

Overall it looks good though.

your tripple extending

cannot for the life of me tell what is going on with your arms - massive red jumper Blurr

appears as if you could be Pointing down with your toes on foot strike, causing foot landing too far ahead of COG -

appears like you are Sitting in full flight - there is no hip height, and feet landing in front of COG too far seems to be causing such.

for video footage in the future, try this

  • take only 10m segments with camera much closer than what you got, ie 1st 10m, a fly 10m, its too hard to get it all in focus other wise

  • wear skin tight clothing - otherwise you cant see half the stuff going on, therefore, whats the point

  • try when editing to make use of Slow mo - try to make full speed followed by Slow mo right after

  • when editing, get rid of the fluff, ie, 10sec at the start of film was just you standing there, get rid of that

  • try diff camera angles at times, ie, from the front, from the rear etc - even try just legs, or just shoulders n arms

I got 4.94 twice when I tried to time it. Couldn’t tell where the first cone was. Probably subtract .2 for grass.

At the start your leaning back why. I hate that stuff they teach…get in a track stance then release one arm to a three point stance.


Timed it again got 4.74. Am I close?

I timed it 4.78