advice on when to take these

i would like some advice on when to take these supplements which i have read about that may be good for sprinters, for example, take everyday, only when competing, only when training ect or if any are a waste of time and money and if there are others that i should read up on, or if some interfere with other .thanks guys

B 12

Get the forum review…much of this has been covered by Charlie in great detail.

Trust me, if you ask again with some new questions people will be glad to help you.

Go to the store an pick it up. Remember that training and nutrition must work in harmony.

thanks, ill purchuse that

When you read the nutrition section from the forum review fire back specfic questions. I will help anyone with a good question (Dazed made a great point earlier) provided it is new or fresh.

Several athletes I know are on a mega dose HMB protocol that are in the NFL and work with one performance coach that is not as well known and from watching the games on sunday it looks like some of the athletes are having some impressive years. HMB is very cost prohibitive and provides very little bang for your buck but if you have the money it does work. The research says it can help but so does sugar and protein. I find that 4 x the common dose will help those with a complete program. I was anit HMB because it was expensive but after talking to the pro athletes during my visit to California I was impressed.

the research i read about HMB was that its very good to have with Creatine.

Effect of dietary supplements on lean mass and strength gains with resistance exercise: a meta-analysis
Steven L. Nissen1 and Rick L. Sharp2
In conclusion, two supplements, creatine and HMB, have data supporting their use to augment lean mass and strength gains with resistance training.

i was hoping to hear more about what you guys have found to work in terms of when you take these products.
for example, taking something before a race or training, or taking at bed time ect ect.

i have researched the products but not sure when is the best time to take the stuff, or if you should use a particular product for extended periods.

also do you think taking a protein powder with added BCAA’s and arginine and glutamine would be as effective as taking them all seperatly.

Reminder…the ebook or softcover Forum Review has much of this information.

what is HMB?

Let me ask you a question. What types of foods are you eating and are you eating the highest quality foods? Free range organic? If not, I would put my money there first. Then supplement with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, co-factors, et cetera before any sports supplements.

my diet is pretty sound, and it works for me, i eat alot more carbs than protein.
i used to have diet higher in protein but found my energy levels were bad and i put on weight.

i’m very intereseted in hearing how people use supplements and see what seems to help and what doesn’t

No one is goign to sit down and give you a whole revision of the Forum Review as Clemson says …
Here’s a quick version …

Creatine - Used PWO with HG Carbs and good for increaseing Strength. Can be cycled. No Sides apart from slight increase in water weight
hmb - I’ve never used it
l-Tyrosine - can be used as a stim, useful for CNS stim.
L-Ornithine - AA, used DWO and PWO and for primarily recovery
L-Arginine - anotehr AA stimulates GH release, used PWO
inosine - ribose - anti-inflamatory, and recovery element with cardio protective qaulities. Again PWO.
Calcium - Dietary supp. Probably no real need to supp, unless on a severe diet. Exception is young females upto 30yrs, who I would advise to supp with Calcium. Take with food.
Antioxidant - one word - FROST
B 12 - Powerful CNS recovery vit. but not as powerful as subcut. inj.
Glucosamine - joint protector
Colostrum - strength increase and LBM gain - not widely used.
BCAA - Aminos - use DWO and PWO
tribulus - Test increaser

So what are we looking at 12g a day (!?) in divided doses?

thanks for that, i do have to forum review but doesnt say anything about most of these in great detail.
thanks for your help

I used to get HMB (EAS-MetRX) at cost of afew years ago. We experimented with 5 to 8 grams during ketogenic diets. Bottom line: it spares muscles. I dont think 3 grams will be enough but this has been said since it first came out ( Duchaine-Poliquin-brainum-DiPasquale).
I no longer get that great discount so…
I think if you take BCAA’s and glutamine and a few other goodies at the right time HMB will not be required, especially if your goal is performance instead of body-comp.


i was recommended using argnine before speed days and carnatine before tempo, would you guy’s agree with this?

or would you take both before every training session?