advice for in-season setup

well my season is starting soon and for the next 3-4 weels we will have two practices/week (games start at end of month)

Now i want to setup an in-season routine (well more like preseason for the next 3-4 weeks) and still have atleast one speed session/week and some lifting aswell.

It’s difficult though because during practice we do sprints during someone of the skill drills, and scrimmages… so i don’t know if it can be classified as “high intensity”… eitherway do you guys think this would be ok:

mon- sprints (total volume 300 yards)
wed-tempo (3000-4000m)
thurs- ME upper then practice a few hours later
Fri- off
Sat- ME lower/cardio

I’m only worried about mon/tues since there will be sprints back to back… but do you guys think it would be ok since its not a “true” high intenstity speed day during my practices??

Thanks a bundle.

Move it to Thurs or Sat.

i don’t think i could move it to thurs… cuz i have practice. I guess sat is an option but i really wanted to leave that day for good lower body strength tranining session. Do you really think sprints and practice back to back would be that bad?

do you think it would be ok to do a 300 yard total sprint session immediatley prior to one of my practices or would that be overkill? What about ME upper on wed and then sprints/practice on tues?? or would that be overkill aswell? ugh its so tough trying to fit everything in during the season lol

List all of your practices, not just one, or we can’t give suggestions.

Why can’t you run before weights, in low volumes of acceleration (you aren’t even going SE or max velocity work)? Honestly, I hate using elite athletes as examples, but most lift after running and have little to no problems lifting heavy weights and I have noticed few problems. What’s the point in developing all that leg power when soccer is a speed based sport (not strength based)?

i only have practices on tuesdays and thursdays… and while we don’t specifically do sprint work we sprint when doing on ball drills and obviosly during scrimmages…

About the stre thing… the reason why i want to have an ME lower day is because quite frankly i’m really weak… and after reading articles by kelly bagget, he says that one should try to increase strength to at least decent elvels before focusing on speed first…

well i’ve come up with a few different possible setups… which do you think would be the best one?

mon-sprints (total volume 300 yards) then some skill work


Wed- extensive tempo with an emphasis on conditioning: 2 sets of 8x200m with 45 s/reps and 1min/set

thurs-ME upper, then 3-4 hours later soccer practice
Fri- off
Sat-ME lower/ then interval cardio
Sun- off

  1. Everything same as above except swap mondays workout with saturdays workout

Tues- sprints (300yrds total) then practice
Wed-tempo (as above)
thurs- ME/upper and practice
Fri- off
Sat-ME lower/interval cardio
Sun- tempo

tues- practice
wed-ME lower
thurs- practice
Sat-ME upper/sprints (300 yard total volume)
Sun- tempo
Mon- off

tues-ME upper/practice
fri- ME Lower/cardio
sun- sprints (300 –500 yrd total volume) then weights (RE full body)

hey dude to many metres, just keep 50 repeats
with 50 recovery…

side side shuffle while a freinds holds a bungy cord… 30 on…30 off 4 sets…

have fun playing…


I don’t know, ask Roberto Carlos!

Strength is a very important aspect of modern soccer.

In reference to no.5 full body weights after sprinting will kill you.

You have to pair up skill training sessions with weights, to avoid injuries (mainly groin). Doing skill sessions during tempo days will cause injuries and fatigue.

In season drop the sprinting from your training. You’ll have one 90 minute match every week to work on sprinting and jogging.

Davan, is there more chance of DOMS when you do this? Any guidelines (how many hours apart etc.)? Thanks.