adidas Track Classic fields

the 2008 adias Track Classic at Carson, CA will be held 18 May (this w/e). The following links to the fields…

I am excited to see Xavier Carter running the 200 meters.

wasnt steffenson meant to run the 400m?

IMG have been queried about that little oversight and they say they don’t know why their star client isn’t in the meet. :rolleyes:
Hope JS wasn’t injured…

Maybe on his best time this season he hasn’t been able to convince the meet director he should receive one of their precious eight lanes.

Perhaps. He should be in mad form, assuming health though, right? Those hams must be better by now…

He split with Wade recently though:

1 Tyson Gay USA 10.05 -0.3
2 Darvis Patton USA 10.06 -0.3
3 Derrick Atkins BAH 10.16 -0.3
4 Leroy Dixon USA 10.20 -0.3
5 Shawn Crawford USA 10.21 -0.3
6 Wallace Spearmon USA 10.22 -0.3
7 Mardy Scales USA 10.22 -0.3
8 Mark Jelks USA 10.35 -0.3
– Daniel Bailey ANT FS -0.3

1 Veronica Campbell JAM 11.14 -0.9
2 Lauryn Williams USA 11.15 -0.9
3 Kerron Stewart JAM 11.16 -0.9
4 Allyson Felix USA 11.21 -0.9
5 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.26 -0.9
6 Sanya Richards USA 11.26 -0.9
7 Torri Edwards USA 11.31 -0.9
8 Lisa Barber USA 11.39 -0.9
– Marshevet Hooker USA FS -0.9

Hmm - last time I checked, Dylan was from Kamloops, BC.

Event 10 Men Shot Put

Name                    Year Team                    Finals           

1 Christian Cantwell USA 21.39m 70-02.25
20.84m 21.27m FOUL 21.39m FOUL FOUL
2 Adam Nelson USA 21.13m 69-04.00
ND 20.29m 20.68m FOUL 20.48m 21.13m
3 Dylan Armstrong USA 20.67m 67-09.75
19.67m 20.67m 20.11m FOUL FOUL 20.17m
4 Dan Taylor USA 20.44m 67-00.75
20.31m 20.44m FOUL FOUL 20.23m FOUL
5 Noah Bryant USA 19.91m 65-04.00
19.91m FOUL 19.40m FOUL FOUL FOUL
6 Chris Figures USA 18.51m 60-08.75

That is one of the worst starters I’ve seen for a big meet. That kind of stuff happens a lot at the high school level, not so much at the pro level.

What was s/he doing?

Holding the athletes way too long in the set position. There were 2 false starts in the men’s 100m&110mh, 2 false starts in the women’s 100m, a false start in the men’s 200m. I don’t remember the others, but I’m sure there were more as well.

It was completely ridiculous. GL/GP starters may be quick in some cases, BUT consistent. And perhaps adjustment can be easier during multi round events.

IMHO, all this nonsense does is heighten the athletes’ insecurities at the line!

Being incompetent is one of the key qualifications for track officials. c’mon we all know that.

It happened, in fact, last weekend at Modesto. This was in the ‘A’ race:

(1) First false start occurred, but the officials never got around to writing it down and charging it (so the next guy also got away with it);

(2) The SECOND false start was charged to the field;

(3) The third time down, the starter pulled everybody up, due to wind.

(4) The THIRD FS actually resulted in a DQ (Jason Heard).

After this, they actually got to race.