Adidas Boston Indoor Games


  1. Jon Drummond (USA)
  2. Mickey Grimes (USA) 6.64
  3. Dwight Thomas 6.65
  4. Nicholas Macrozonaris (CAN) 6.67
  5. Shawn Crawford (USA) 6.68
  6. John Capel (USA) 6.68
  7. Bobby Williams (JAM) 6.71

60m Hurdles

  1. Gail Devers (USA)
  2. Vonette Dixon (JAM) 8.01
  3. Melissa Morrison (USA) 8.03
  4. Linda Ferga (FRA) 8.08
  5. Jenny Adams (USA) 8.09
  6. Miesha McKelvy-Jones (USA) 8.19
  7. Anjanette Kirkland (USA) 8.29
  8. Aquila Williams-Judge (USA) 8.75


  1. Tonique Williams (BAH)
  2. Allyson Felix (USA) 52.28
  3. Sandie Richards (JAM) 53.07
  4. Me’Lisa Barber (USA) 53.11
  5. Karen Shinkins (IRE) 53.23
  6. Foy Williams (CAN) 55.02

Good race by JD. I don’t know what happened to Capel, he just didin’t look like he had the power and speed he had last year. Maybe it’s just early.

I just noticed this!! When I was reviewing my tape for the 60m I noticed that Nick Mac pulled ahead of Mickey Grimes at about 50m and looked like he was well on his way to 2nd place. But suddenly he leaned forward and and completely stopped running. He had dipped for the finish line… but it was the wrong line! The Boston track is a little confusing as the 55m line seems to be the one that is most emphasized. Did anyone else tape the race and see this? Just thought that this was pretty funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t see the Boston 60m race. But NicMac’s error doesn’t surprise me. I’m no fan of (desperate) leaning at the finish line - just run through the finish for pete’s sake! Misjudged leaning has cost Bruny Surin dearly over his career and I wonder if his protege NicMac has picked up this bad habit.

But I do know this, after seeing with mine own eyes NM run 9.96(+w) and 9.91(+w) in the space of 2.5 hours (Cdn Champ 2002), the kid is for real. When relaxed, confident, and running right through the (correct) finish line - he’s very hard to catch. Is capable of that ranginess at the end of a race like that other Hellenic dude KK - amazing to watch.