AdHoc Deep Breathing / Various Background Noise Activity Training


Catabolic General Labour Activity(7am-5pm)

-installed 25 bundles of shingles in -10 degree celcius weather.
-lifted and hauled 16 bundles of shingles up ladder onto roof(maintained forefoot metatarsal climbing pattern up ladder for 16 steps up each lift).


Catabolic General Labour Activity(8am-5pm)

-installed 22 bundles of shingles in -1 degree celcius weather.

Regarding these shingle installations, i choose to stand all day and move/shuffle side to side while on the sloped roof, assuming a good morning/sumo foot stance to carry out work beneath my center of mass. Most roof contractors kneel and work on their knees, but these are the cats that roof everyday/5 days a week/52 weeks a year. I acquire roof contracts basically once or twice per month. These roof contracts i attain are not fancy steep slopes but ‘4/12’ pitch roofs with double gable sides, which makes for a fairly straightforward ‘roof cover’ renovation.

I’ve experienced some success in reaching various goals through applying some of this fellows methodologies/morphologies/transcendence regarding diet, stretching/mobility, corrective lifting/exercises.

Heres one video on paleo diet:


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi Directional Activity(8:30pm-9:30pm)

-Carried out this childhood pasttime activity of ‘ice hockey drills’ in full hockey equipment gear for 1 hour.
-Various ice hockey drills with and without puck while striding straight forward as well as cross-overs, and striding backward straight striding and crossover striding.
-Took 4 minute sitting breaks on bench at 10:00, 25:00, and 45:00 into ice session.
-Took at least 20 thirty second standing moving/shuffling kicking or slow skating breaks in between what was probably 30 drills.

-20 minutes after ice session: dryland stair work: 2x stair lunging(2 steps flat foot propulse) with backward lunge down for recovery, 3x 2 step stair sprints(forefoot strike) backward walk down for recovery), 3x single step stair sprints(forefoot strike) backward walk down recovery; 5 minute recovery btwn sets.

-while still in rink dressing room cold/ hot contrast shower: 5 sets of 10 sec cold, 30 sec. mild hot.


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi-directional Activity(3:30pm-4:30pm)

-Carried out the ‘Cold Indoor Atmosphere Induced Deep Breathing’ activity of ‘ice hockey drills’ in full hockey equipment gear for 1 hour.
-Various ice hockey drills working inner and outer edges of blades, with pivoting from forwards to backwards and vice versa, with and without puck, cross-overs to left and right forward and backward, tight turns with quick feet crossovers out of turn, some passing drills with family and other youth, etc.
-Took 6 minute sitting breaks on bench at 20:00 and 40:00 into ice session.
-Took at least 30 thirty second breaks foe what was probably 40 drill reps.

20 minutes after ice session: dryland stair work: 3x stair lunging(2 step flat foot propulse), 3x 2step stair sprints(forefoot propulse), 3x 1step stair sprints(forefoot propulse), backward walk or lunge down for recovery.
-wanted to get these done so didn’t take any recovery other than the backward walk or lunge down.


General Walking Breathing Maneuver/Rehersal Activity(8:00am-8:20am; 3:30pm-4:00pm)

-first morning walk session involved walking rural country roads.
-rehearsed breathing patterns of every 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 16th steps, with the aim of creating ‘sticky/heavy on-ice stability’ for the various dynamic hockey skating techniques.
-jogged with a ‘flat footed/heel strikish’ shuffle for distances of 20-40m x12 reps/distances to activate the ‘stable flat foot pushing pattern’ more commonly associated with the majority of ‘ice hockey skating techniques’.
-carried a 20 pound/4 foot ‘construction demolition wrecking pry bar’, with 2 hands like a hockey stick for protection from rural coyotes/rural country dogs.

-second walk session involved the same breathing maneuvers/patterns, however these were relatively easy sled pulls performed walking backwards as well, with the load of my offspring/son and ‘protection construction bar’.


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi-directional Activity(7:30pm-8:30pm)

-Carried out ‘ice hockey drills’ in full hockey equipment gear for alotted 1 hour of ice rental.
-Various ice hockey drills primarily carrying puck and ending with shot on net, while implementing the theme of 8, 10, 12, and sometimes 16 stride breathing patterns.
-Must have carried out at least 40-50 drill reps where the number of strides per rep, primarily ranged from 12 strides to 48 strides(at least half the strides were cross-overs or various turns).
-Took 8 minute sitting breaks on bench at 12:00 and 45:00 into ice session.
-Took at least 35 thirty second breaks for the 40-50 drill reps.

-20 minutes after ice session: dryland stair work: 3x stair lunging(2step flat foot propulse), 4x 2step stair sprints(forefoot propulse), 4x 1step stair sprints(forefoot propulse), single or double step lunge down recovery.
-the stair case is in the rink(up to the stands/seats) and is 14 steps/risers.
-for the single stair sprints I can really feel my back and glutes oscillating or ‘flabbing around’.


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi-directional Activity(7:00pm-8:00pm)

-Worked on installing ‘8-16 stride breathing’ techniques to start off the ‘ice hockey session’ in full hockey gear. Did the breathing techniques for about 10 reps, within the warm-up skate which lasted about 5-6 minutes. The 40/60 skating ratios(40% straight striding, 60% cross-overs or turns)during warmup were primarily continuous skating, with a ‘stop and start’ rep occuring only 5x during the warmup.
-Took a 5-7 minute sitting and standing break ‘off the ice’ at 10:00, 35:00, and 50:00 into the 1 hour ice session.
-When I’m recovering with faster ‘3-6’ stride breathing’ techniques, from the longer ‘8-16 stride breathing’ pattern, I’ve noticed it’s as if I feel vulnerable to being ‘body checked’ if I were in a real hockey game.
-Didn’t carry out as high a volume of ‘total # of drill reps’, as I only carried out 30-40 drills today.

-Decided to not do the ‘dryland stair workout/sprints’ today.


General Jogging/Walking Breathing Maneuver/Rehearsal Activity (3:30pm-4:00pm)

-Session was ‘back n forth’ 400m lengths x 5(jog approx 320m walk approx 80m)
-The jogging was ‘flat footed/outer foot edge to inner foot edge pronation’ while implementing alternating breathing patterns of ‘3-4 steps/strides per breath’ for 40-50 steps/strides, with ‘9-18 steps/strides per breath’. Cycled back n forth between the 2 breathing patterns 3-4 times during each 320m jog.
-The 400m length/course is a rural gravel road that is maintained by grading, so it remains fairly level rather than too extremely ‘convex’. Starting at one end, it’s downhill at about a 3/12 grade for 40-50m
approximately to where its slightly uphill/undulating(inclining and leveling out flat for about 3 segments) for the remaining 340-350m.
-I’ve been walking and jogging it with some ‘rubber shoe wraps with metal spiralish/wire grip’.


General Lactate Anabolic(krebs cycle) Bodyweights/Freeweight Activity(7:30pm-8:30pm)

-Bodyweight prior to session: 175lbs.
-15 minute bodyweight warm-up with a few hip/knee/ankle mobility stretches sprinkled in between; 40medball wall bounces(each side stance/southpaw and orthodox stance), 15 atg squats, 15 parallel quad squats, 15 palm pushups, 10 forward starionary lunges, 10 hammer pullups(very short range); repeated circuit 2x with the stretches after each set.
-backsquat quad parallel(no belt no mirror): 205lb x 10, 225lb x 10, 245lb x 8; at 20:00, 24:00, and 30:00mins into session.
-dumbbell press(3 paths): 40lb dumbs x 15 reps x 2; at 34:00 and 36:00mins.
-dumbell curls: 40lb dumbs x 12 reps x 2; at 38:00 and 40:00mins.
-isometric barbell holds(50lb. bar)in bottom barbell curl underhand grip; 30seconds x 2sets aiming for thoracic extension by pulling/holding shoulder back; at 42:00 and 44:00mins.
-upright row triangle bar attached to lat pulldown machine(75lbs.): 25 reps x 2 sets pulling down aiming for thoracic extension; at 48:00 and 50:00mins.

-90minutes after session: the agressive ‘r8 roller’ for 8 minutes on eacg legs


General Tempo Striding(forefoot primarily)

-Temperature: -18(feels like -30 lol); surface is slightly convex perpendicular to running direction, with machine graded soft packed snow on hard packed icey snow on hard gravel road.
-jog warmup(flatfoot pronation) 200m, walk 50m, backpedal jog 100m, backward walk 50m, jog 200m, walk 50m, backpedal jog 50m.
-Tempo stride(forefoot) 300m(slight incline), 200m(slight decline), 100m(slight incline); reps at 6:30, 9:30, 11:00
-strength endurance: high knee 50m(slight incline), straight leg run 50m(slight incline); reps at 13:00, 14:00
-Tempo stride 200m(slight decline 100m- steep
incline 100m), 100m(slight incline); reps at
20:00, 23:00
-strength endurance: high knee 50m(slight
incline), straight leg run 50m(slight incline); reps at 25:00, 26:00
-Tempo stride 100m(slight decline), 200m(steep decline 100m-slight incline 100m); reps at 32:00, 34:00

-Total Volume: 1500m(forefoot strikes)


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi-Direction Activity(3:00pm-4:00pm)

-Temperature: -23degree celcius(feels like -34); this was the temperature outside the rink/arena. I suppose it may very well have been about -25 inside arena at and on ice level. Regardless the cold air which caused me to ‘breathe deep into thy balls’ seemed to turn on my system as I had to carry my hockey bag from outside and into the arena, as well as my son and his friends bags. These 3 lifts/implement walks, coupled with tying my skates and putting on my hockey gear, as well as tying the 2 boys skates(6 individual hockey skates), left me fairly well warmed up since the tensed flexed hands/
fingers caused by tying hockey skates(and by extension my feet ankles and toes in my hockey skates), seemed ready to skate hard rather than easy, the moment I began my warm-up skate.
-Carried out at least 35 hockey drills ending with at least 35 shots.
-Took two 5 minute ‘off the ice’ walking/standing breaks at 20:00 and 45:00 into the 1 hour ice session.
-This is the first time I’ve skated the day directly after a day of ‘forefoot striding of distances exceeding 200m’.
-It’s as if initially, my stride pushings within the rigid confines of hockey skate boot, didn’t want to push with a flat foot/midfootish propulse, but were being ‘overgoverned’ by the previous days ‘hoggish C.N.S. forefoot dominant pattern
overload’. I had to skate backwards to somewhat override the pattern overload from the previous day, just to sort of gain back some ‘heelish/flat footish ice hockey propulsive/push striding’.
-Because of this ‘ground coverage saggital dominant locomotive forefoot pattern overload’ of sprinting, somewhat leaking into my ‘ice hockey frontal/saggital mid/flat foot dominant pattern’, I designed most of my hockey drills to contain more cross-overs and 90degree turns and cuts rather than alot of ‘straightforward straightline’ ice hockey striding.

-no dryland today.


General Tempo Striding/ Improvisish Warm-Up/ Shakeout(forefoot primarily)

-Temperature: -21(realfeel according to phone -32); regarding running road surface, the machine grading has done too good of a job, resulting in hard packed icey snow alone(no soft packed snow on top).
-Jog warmup(flatfoot pronating) 4-5x 50-200m forward jog mixed with 4-5x 50-100m backpedal jog.
-Tempo stride(forefoot) 100m(steeper incline), 300m(slight incline), 200m(100m slight decline-100m steeper incline); reps at 8:00, 9:30, 12:00mins into session
-Strength Endurance: high knee 2x 50m(slight
incline), straight leg run 2x 50m(slight incline); reps at 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, 18:30mins.
-Intensive Tempo(Controlled Speed Work) 1 run only: 1x 100m(slight incline) 16.xx; rep at 21:00mins.

-Total Volume: 900m(forefoot strikes)

-Session notes: this session I was out for the full 21 minutes. Whereas last ‘cold outdoor sprint session’, I warmed up in my vehicle at 15:00 and 27:00 minutes into the session, for 5 minutes. It seems rather extreme and perhaps even ‘foolish’ to ‘sprint train’ in the cold, however I just reassure myself that I’ve done this in the past as well as carried out other activity(ice hockey, work
labour construction). I also remind myself that I’ll warm-up with ‘continuous movement’ as in 12-20 reps within 10-15 minutes of start of session. As well, take ‘warm-up indoor environment breaks’, every 10-12 minutes after the previous break.


General Lactate Anabolic(krebs cycle) Bodyweight

-2 sets of: ATG squat-10x, Parallel squat-10x,
palm pushup-8x, fist pushup-8x, side lunge-8x each leg, backward lunge-6x; sets at 0:00 and 5:00mins into session.
-2 sets of: Forward Alternating Lunge-8x, Side Lunge-8x(each leg), Clap Pushup-6x, 1/4 depth isometric wall sit-40 secs, 1/2 depth isometric wall sit-40 secs; sets at 15:00 and 20:00mins into session.
-4 sets of: shoulder width grip lying pull-up/rows(feet elevated)- 10x; 1 minute reat btw sets.


General Tempo Striding/Strength Endurance

-Temperature: -18degree celcius(realfeel: -24)
-Jog warmup(flatfoot pronating) 10x 30m distances with backpedal jog or walk after each run while measuring running distances; was measuring the road with ‘30m metal roofing tape measure’ up to 300m distances; Took approximately 10mins to measure the 300m.

-Tempo stride(forefoot) 100m(slight decline), 200m(slight incline), 200m(100m slight decline- 100m steeper incline); reps at 12:00, 13:00, 17:00mins into session.

-Strength Endurance: Running A for 30m(slight incline) 2x, PitterPatter Straight Leg Run for 30m(slight incline) 2x, tempo stride 100m(slight incline); reps at 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00mins into session; 12 minute sitting break in vehicle.

-Tempo stride 300m(slight incline), 200m(slight incline), 100m(slight incline); reps at 38:00, 42:00, 46:00mins.

-Strength Endurance/Intensive Tempo: High Knee w/dorsiflex 1x 40m(slight incline), Straight Leg
Run(Boundish)1x 40m(slight incline), Intensive Tempo 100m 1x(steeper incline), Intensive
Tempo 100m 1x(slight incline) 16.xx secs., High
Knee w/dorsiflex 1x 40m(slight incline), Straight
Leg Run(Boundish)1x 40m(slight incline); reps at
49:00, 50:00, 55:00, 58:00, 62:00, 64:00minutes
of session.

-Total Volume: 1680m(forefoot strikes)



-2x calisthenic circuit: 10x pull-up underhand, 12x half bosu ball sphere(bottom flat grip)pushups, 15x atg squats, 15x half squats, 10x forward stationary single leg lunge; some active stretching and mobility ameliorating stretching(ankles, hips, back)

-Backsquat(1/2 depth): 225 lbs., 3sets x 12 reps
-Sumodeadlift: 225 lbs., 1 set x 6reps, 1 set x
-Deadlift(shoulder width): 225lbs., 1 set x 4 reps, 1 set x 6 reps
-hammer and underhand grip pull ups(between some of the sets of above lifts): 4 sets of 5 reps

-Thoracic extension isometric hold(underhand
grip barbell bottom position): 60 lbs., 2 sets of 30 second hold.
-dumbbell press(various paths): 40lb. dumbs, 2 sets of 12 reps
-leg press: 90lbs., 3 sets of 30 reps; implementing breathing pattern, 4 reps(1 breath)-6 reps(6 breaths), up to 30 reps

-weight session notes: I haven’t been on the ice for ice hockey in 8 days, and i could feel some
strength left my core and quads, as a result. The
ice hockey, really allows me to get in a very high
volume of work capacity in 1 hour. The ‘anabolic
hormonal response’ I seem to gain from the
‘seemingly high intense/multi-directional/multi-
faceted compensation dynamic patterns’ of ice
hockey, seem to last for around 10 days.
This work capacity also seems to carry into sprints initially as well for about 1 week for
myself. If I was skating 4-7x a week, I doubt
there would be a ‘significant carry-over’ into my
weight and sprint sessions(sore ankles/
‘pronating leg overload joint chain syndrome’/overtraining).


General Tempo Striding/Strength Endurance

-Temperature: -5degree celcius (realfeel: -15); Didn’t plan on a session today as was feeling overtrained from a weekend of travelling(5 trips in 3 days ranging from 2-3 hours per trip) as well as last weeks 3 days of sessions, but decided to go at it to try out a new pair of ‘snow terrain grips’. The previous pair I had been using were only specified for walking(known as ‘yaktrax walk’). The new set are specified as ‘yaktrax run’, where these ones actually have a small rubberish spike plate with 6 spikes on the forefoot and the same ‘metal coil rubber wrap’ on the heels as the yaktrax walk.
-jog warmup(flatfoot pronating) 20x 30m distances with backward sled pulling(one hand, my offspring son as weight) after every 2nd 30m jog, as was measuring out 300m again(with 30m measuring tape). This ‘circuitish warmup’ took about 15-20 minutes).

-Tempo stride(forefoot)/strength endurance: 300m(slight incline) 66secs-216strides, 200m(slight incline) 42secs-141strides, 200m(steeper incline) 44secs-147strides, 2x 30m Run A(slight incline) 45 contacts, 2x 30m Pitter Patter Straight Leg Run(slight incline) 36 contacts; reps at 25:00, 30:0, 33:00, 38:00, 39:00, 40:00, 41:00minutes into session.

-Strength Endurance/Tempo Striding: 30m Run A(slight incline)45 contacts, 30m pitter patter SLR(slight incline), 300m Tempo Stride(slight incline) 55secs-198strides, 100m tempo stride(steeper incline) 20 secs-75strides, 40m High Knee w/Dorsiflex(slight incline), 40m straight leg run(slight incline); reps at 51:00, 52:00, 53:00, 59:00, 64:00, 65:00minutes.

-Intensive Tempo(C.S.W.): 100m(steeper incline) 19secs-72strides, 100m(slight incline) 15secs-60strides

-Total Volume: 1560m


Lactate Glycolytic Anabolic(krebs cycle) Multi-Directional Activity(10:00pm-11:00pm)

-Late night ice rental session, late night since it was only available slot for today, just had to be skating whipping the rubber disc around.
-maybe only carried out 30 hockey drills this session, each ending with a shot on net, comprising of some tight turns, but majority of the drills were straight forward striding out of 2-5 ‘stops and starts’ per drill.
-maybe 12 drills were straight forward striding into continuous cross-overs.
-since I hadn’t been on the ice for 12 days, I decided to start building a base of ‘stop and start’ anaerobic skating capacity to churn out more
lactate, as a result had to take about 1-2 minute rest after the aforementioned ‘2-5 start and stop’ drill.
-Took two 5 minute standing breaks at 20:00 and 40:00minutes into session.

Session notes: I’ve had a 12 day break from ‘ice hockey skating’, thus I was feeling well and able to exert myself today on the ice, even though I had mentioned on monday that I was feeling overtrained from the previous weeks ‘3 days of
sessions’. I guess I was feeling overtrained in
the ‘upright back dominant sagittal locomotive
domain of sprinting’. Seeing as ice hockey skating is taking place in a sitting position and there are a variety of ‘dynamic compensation positions’ to be exploited when under different forms of fatigue, I felt ready to exert myself once
again today.
-Also, to perhaps clear up confusion, when I’m calling the ice
hockey sessions ‘anabolic’ it has always been
coupled with: 1.'high intensity
anaerobic efforts on the ice with varying
recoveries of 20-90 seconds, where I’m
continuously exerting myself ‘through my own
perception’ for anywhere from 7-20 seconds; 2. Within the weekly microcycle ‘anabolic session’ is almost always followed by 2-4 days(48-96hours) recovery until next session.



-2x calisthenic circuit: 10x dumbell grip pushup, 10x atg squats, 10x wide stance half squats, 6x underhand pull-ups, 10x forward stationary lunge; some active stretching and mobility
ameliorating stretching(hips, knee, back)

-backsquat(1/2 depth): 225lbs., 1 set of 8 reps, 1 set of 12 reps, 1 set of 15 reps; sets at 20:00, 25:00, 30:00minutes into session
-deadlift (conventional): 225lbs., 2 sets of 4 reps; sets at 40:00 and 44:00mins into session

-pullups underhand: 4 sets of 6 reps; sets at 48:00, 50:00, 52:00, 54:00mins into session.


General Tempo Striding/Improvised Warm-up/Shakeout(4:30-6:00pm)

-Temperature: -28degree celcius(realfeel -29); jog warmup(flatfoot pronating)16x 30m and backpedal jog or backward walk 8x 30m, while measuring road; again this 'circuit style warm-up took approximately 12 minutes.

-Tempo Striding: 200m(slight incline) 44secs-
141strides, 200m(slight decline) 44secs-
141strides, 100m(slight incline) 20 secs-69strides,
200m(100m slight decline-100m steeper incline)
42secs-141strides; reps at 19:00, 21:00, 23:30, 25:00minites into session.

-Strength Endurance: 2x 30m Run A(slight incline) 48 contacts, 2x 30m Pitterpatter SLR(slight incline) 36 contacts; reps at 35:00,
36:00, 37:00, 38:00mins into session.

-Intensive Tempo(C.S.W.)/strength endurance: 1x 100m walkin easy start(steeper incline) 19.xx secs-72strides, 1x 100m stand easy start(steeper incline) 19.xx secs-72strides, 1x 40m high knee w/ dorsiflex(slight incline) 45 contacts, 1x 40m
SLR w/boundish(slight incline) 33 contacts; reps at 45:00, 48:00, 50:00, 51:00mins into session.

-Intensive Tempo(C.S.W.)/strength endurance: 2x 100m stand easy start(slight incline)17.xx secs-63strides, 1x 40m high knee w/
dorsiflex(slight incline), 1x 40m SLR w/
boundish(slight incline); reps at 65:00, 69:00,
72:00, 73:00mins ending session.

-Total volume: 1380m

-Session notes: I’ve been using a 3 stride count, to keep track of my strides for about 1 year now. I basically just count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on, every 3rd stride contact or ‘step down’ until I get to the designated mark. Also every 3rd stride is an ‘exhale’ for me(breathe in 2 strides, breathe out 1 stride). I don’t know if its proper but it works for me to ‘mentally cope’ with longer distances of 100-600m. Sometimes for 400-600m I’ll even use a ‘3 stride breathe in and a 1 stride blow out’, to track my strides every 4th stride.


Lactate Glycolytic ‘Majority Catabolic/Minimally Anabolic’ Multi-directional Activity(8:30pm-9:30pm)

-The 20 minute warm-up for this ice hockey session was fairly progressive in terms of work to rest ratios ranging from 1:2 to 1:4(i.e. 10 seconds hard effort with 40 seconds easier effort), to generate/clear/create tolerability to lactate.
-However the ice session was shared with another group of 6 fellows, in addition to I and my 3 partners, since the ‘rink worker’ was M.I.A and didn’t show up until the other 6 fellows alotted ice time(1hour after our alotted ice time). As a result the other 6 dudes didnt want to do 1 hour worth of 30-40 drills, so we played ‘5 on 5’ shinny for 40 minutes.
-Since it was a 5 on 5 hockey game with no breaks and thus, ‘continuous shifts’ for every one, it pretty much turned into ‘hard 4-12 second efforts’ with only 10-30 second recoveries. Basically, for myself it wasn’t enough recovery for me to maintain ‘smooth effortless dynamic on-ice stability’ and I could feel my mechanics default to ‘inefficient’. Also there were approximately 15 ‘second effort exertions’ directly after approximately 15 ‘initial lactate inducing efforts’, as a result of the ‘competition factor’ of scrimmaging.

-Session notes: Since I put forth close to 15 ‘backup efforts’ directly after 15 ‘initially lactate cleared/lactate induced efforts’, I guess I was performing while total body(mainly legs/quads) muscles, were in an ‘acidic state’. Since I was performing while my muscles were in the acidic state, I’ve classified this session as ‘catabolic’ moreso than the previous ‘anabolic’.