adaptation periods

CF mention on his “effective adaptation periods” that maximum speed can be done 12 weeks before changes need to be made, what if you are doing a 7 week gpp follow by a 12 spp does this follow under the 12 week rule?

If you are following the cf gpp then for the major part of it you are running at sub max( although running hills are physically tough they cant be performed at the same velocity as a flat in spikes on a track run). Weeks 6 and 7 is when you are transitioning into max velocity witch then turns into spp. Does that help at all?

I agree, the spp is 12 weeks long and not counting your indoor speed work, will changes need to be made - im lost.

are you thinking that you can only develop max velocity 12 weeks in an entire season?

As far as I know this is only true per spp period so spp1 12 weeks for indoor and spp2 for 12 weeks so it can add up, so its not per year, thats why we have a small break and gpp

are you thinking that you can only develop max velocity 12 weeks in an entire season? NO but the stimulus must be changed, for example you can only progress for 12str weeks max when during max strength then you need a main or hypertrophy phase

Should the gpp be set up where the first week of spp1 is the week of the first meet? If not when should the last week of gpp be.

You would want the first competition around the 10 - 12th week of spp. Figure out your important meets and count back that will let you know when gpp should start and end

After the 12 weeks would you not be competing and tapering for a major meet, then prompting another gpp?

after the 12 week spp program i will enter my indoor season which will be about 5-7meets and my volume will drop during this time, after my indoor season i will go back to gpp and spp work again.

sounds like your only doing an extra 1-2wks of speed work. Nothing to worry over i’d say