adaptation of the damned

ok i dont know if it still the injury i got caused from squats, or now having the added heel lift, its changing my body anything that i have done has caused it to strain it the way it did. Or it could be both, but whatever the case the hip flexor is still uncomfortable when walking sometimes but mostly moving my right leg in rotational manner like to put on the shoes or something or cross the legs. I go to my ART and it is strained iliopsoas and the pectinius, he does the skill thing but it still is not healing as i thought it would. The pain sometimes goes to the external abductors. But lately it would also be around the lower abs, above the jip flexor, which is where i had appendicitis and had to do surgery. There is a big cut there and he says its full of scar tissue. Now my question is when he stretches it i feel alot of nerves there and hurts abit, should he be stretching that area, it feels like my skin is stretched to hell and back.