Adam Millers 200-meter.

A link to a clip of Australian Adam Miller clocking 20.47 outdoors. Apparently made by some bloke who calls himself “dcw”.

He is coached by Khmel, who also coaches Shirvington, which I think is evident from this clip.

It did not look like a 20.4 run. What time was 2nd and 3rd.

Thanks for the video! Yeah, weird film, it seems like slow motion. The tailwind must have been considerable, thus lengthening stride length, so the frecuency isn’t that great but they were covering a lot of terrain on each step.

The individual who won the race could have improved two components.
1.) The individuals feet were way to close together in the blocks and seemed to lose a good deal of power.
2.) There seems to be a lack of flexibility in the individuals hip flexors

On the positive side, the individual ran a great turn and was very effecient in staying close to the inside of the lane. Secondly, the individual did not seem to panick and tighten up during the last 25 meters of the race. What were the other runners times?

1 Miller, Adam 19 PMH 20.47 1.7
2 Neofytou, Kristopher 19 BAN 20.71 1.7
3 Geddes, David 22 SYP 20.76 1.7
4 Ross, Joshua 22 HUN 20.78 1.7
5 Ezenwa, Ambrose 26 SUT 20.80 1.7
6 Hollands, Shem 27 SUT 21.27 1.7
7 Hatch, Stephen 24 SYP 21.41 1.7
8 MACFARLANE, Ian 24 UNS 21.44 1.7
9 Stone, Jay 24 ARM 22.10 1.7

Although the wind read as +1.7, the wind was stronger around the bend. It only read as +1.7 down the straight. So they all came around the bend quite well. As miller has said how good he felt around the bend, saying it was his best ever bend.
Then into the straight, strong wind following