By Patricia Reaney
LONDON, March 15 Reuters - Acupuncture is a useful,cost-effective treatment for patients who suffer fromchronic headaches or migraine, American researchers saidtoday.
In one of the largest randomised studies to assess theeffectiveness of the ancient Chinese treatment,scientists found it worked better than just conventionaltreatments alone.
People using acupuncture had fewer headaches, lesssevere headaches and they used less health resourcesover the course of the following year,'' Dr AndrewVickers, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center inNew York, said in an interview. The scientists compared acupuncture plus standardtreatment to normal therapy alone in 401 patients inEngland and Wales who suffered from headaches severaldays each week. Their research is published online bythe British Medical Journal. Patients who had been assigned acupuncture as well asstandard treatment received up to 12 treatments overthree months. Initially there was not much difference between thetwo groups but at the end of the year-long trial thescientist noticed a big change. Patients receiving acupuncture had 22 fewer days ofheadaches per year, used 15 per cent less medication,made 25 per cent fewer visits to their family doctorsand took fewer days off sick than the other group. There were not many side effects and Vickers and hiscolleagues also found that the treatment was costeffective. For severely affected patients, acupuncture reducedthe severity and the frequency of their headaches tomake a real difference in their lives,’’ Vickers said.
Acupuncture was first used in China about 2,000 yearsago, according to Vickers. It involves inserting veryfine needles into the skin at specific points in thebody. It is one of the most popular forms ofcomplementary medicine and has been shown to relievenausea and pain.
German researchers have also said it could help womenundergoing fertility treatment to conceive.

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Accupuncture needles come in sterile packages, which are opened in front of you for the procedure. If they DON’T come that way- don’t get it!

What was the normal therapy that the other group received?

a technique which is also some how similar to apuncture is Cupping…an ancient therapy found by old arabs and recommended by old muslims…its a process where u use ur scalpel to make a small slit on ur skin then u exposure tht to a vacumized cup…by tht u r creating a suction force which will bring out ur bosy very dark colored blood…it si believed tht the black color comes from the toxins of ur body…thus it clears ur body systems and recharge their energy…it is prefereed tht this slit is made on the 5 th cervical vertebra…they say tht the energy pathways of ur body intersect there…just offer it a trial guys