Accumulation weight phase(Charlie?)

I believe the primary mechanism where higher reps assist with later strength gains is the development of the heavy myosin chains.

No23, I’ll be doing similar, but I will also probably do about 3 sessions, prior to starting SE on the track, of 2x3 exercises of 2-3 sets of 10 in a circuit. I did this last year with reps of 15 and it seemed to really help when we did reps of 300-400m on the track; it also gave be confidence for these orrible sessions. mmmm should I keep these circuits reps of 15!

Me too Richard,
I did 2 weeks of 15 and then moved to 10’s.
Again the strength end was very encouraging.
I did like the feeling of starting around 12 or 15 reps.

[The key thing I find is if I don’t take it slow and steady during the start of the season I end up overtraining by week 4!!]