ab workouts

does anybody really notice any benefits from ab workouts, cause i dont. I do them 3 times a week and the difference of doing that and changing it up every few months has no carryover to sprinting or any form of performance then if i had not done it in the first place. Wouldnt med-ball throws some plyo and weights be sufficient?

Have any of you noticed the importance of abdominal workouts?

whats the amount of reps are you doing. You might be not doing enough or to many. Try and work your core muscles to, i found that ounce i included that into the ab work, my abs were a lot stronger and there was less rotation when i was sprinting.

I can definitely notice when I don’t do ab work. It’s like I lose my coordination without em. They pretty much hold your body in the correct sprinting posture so that when you stride, your body resists change. Noticeable by my standards…

btw… grinding 18-year-olds at the Roxy doesn’t count as ab work :wink:

Look Man… I used to think the same too. I used to do regular abs and back and never knew how they made me better. I didn’t feel anything. Until I started skipping them for a while. THEN I knew what I used to benefit from them. Its more than I can say… Injuries , no coordination. Feel tierd sooner, etc!! Strange things that I never thought could happen because of a week torso!. don’t skipp it man. Improve it rather… Take care

Yeah roxy sure does have a good training program, you can count on that.

Anyways, i do 6 or more variations and do lots like listed in the GPP, i keep it similar to whats in the GPP video. Maybe other types of exercise will benefit me i dont know, any suggestions? I mean what is the best rep/set scheme and rest times for ab workouts, i just do them in circuit fashion, i do alot 200+ reps.

Med ball abs make a difference in a DAY for me… Regular abs not so much…(plus they’re boring)