Aaron Brown beats Andre De Grasse


will andre ever be the same

Only time will tell us for sure.

He is young and that’s a good thing.

I am sure there are many aspects of what happened we will never know much about.

Many aspects of what happened to him that are difficult to believe for someone at his level.

Old news but this kid made the right decision.


Speaking of right decisions, how about Michael Norman sticking with Carolyn Smith-Gilbert as his head coach:


Posted that right above post #4.

Where in the article in post #4 is Michael Norman mentioned?

Norman has previously stated that he will remain in Los Angeles to train with his college coach, Quincy Watts. Norman’s teammate at USC, 400m hurdler Rai Benjamin, also signed with Nike and will continue to train at USC.

I kid you not: the content of that link is different now than it was the other times I hit. Not sure how Flotrack updates stuff, but every time I hit it earlier today brought me to the Women’s NCAA 100m champ story. Now it brings me to Norman. We are on the same page in the end.

How’s your outdoor season going??? Are you competing in Canada next summer?

Education is never a bad idea for anyone. We need more educated athletes so the quality of their life will be sustainable.

Smart man, he saw what andre is going thru and said…why fix what aint broke.