Aaron Armstrong 19.98sec T&T Champs - 27June05-


Armstrong clocks a slightly windy 19.98 for 200m in Trinidad and Tobago
Monday 27 June 2005
:slight_smile: Aaron Armstrong crushed the field in the men’s 200 metres final, on day two of the Trinidad and Tobago Championships, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, yesterday (Sun 26).

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The US-born Trinidad and Tobago sprinter was very impressive, stopping the clock in 19.98 seconds. However, a +2.1 metres per second wind, just above the 2.0m/s legal limit, robbed Armstrong of legal membership in the elite sub-20 club.

“I’m not disappointed any, because I know I’m capable of running it. The 2.1 gives you a little advantage, but you still have to be able to perform and to run and put that pressure into the track to be able to run 19.”

Armstrong was out of the blocks in a flash, and was in complete control by the time he entered the straight. With the race all sewn up, Armstrong celebrated early, throwing his arms into the air before crossing the line.

Julieon Raeburn of Phoenix was second in 20.54, while Armstrong’s clubmates, Kevon Pierre and Jacey Harper, finished third and fourth, respectively. Both clocked 20.55.

Pierre and Raeburn dived under the 20.59 World Championship “A” standard, in the first of three qualifying heats. Pierre clocked a personal best 20.47, while Raeburn returned a time of 20.52, a personal best as well.

Concorde’s England-born T&T sprinter Mark Findlay copped fifth spot in the final, in 20.90. On day one, Findlay’s blocks slipped from under him in the qualifying round of the 100m event, and he was unable to recover sufficiently to earn a lane in the championship race.

Baptiste completes double

In yesterday’s women’s 200m final, 100m champion Kelly-Ann Baptiste had some catching up to do, coming off the bend.

The 18-year-old Louisiana State University (LSU) student was more than equal to the task, motoring past Phoenix sprinter Ayanna Hutchinson, and getting home in 22.94, just one-hundredth of a second outside her PR (personal record).

“I was really disappointed. I wanted to go faster than 22.9, but it didn’t happen that way…I just have to thank God for what he has given me for the entire weekend.”

Hutchinson seized silver in a personal best 23.35, while bronze medallist Monique Cabral of Memphis clocked 23.87, a new PR.

The 800m events were races against the clock for Melissa De Leon of Phoenix and Zenith Tobago’s Sherridan Kirk.

De Leon won the women’s two-lap in two minutes, 04.09 seconds. And in the men’s race, Kirk earned the top spot in 1:46.40.

Kwame Laurence (Trinidad Express) for the IAAF

Day 2 Results


200m (wind: +2.1 metres per second)
1 Aaron Armstrong (Rebirth) 19.98
2 Julieon Raeburn (Phoenix) 20.54
3 Kevon Pierre (Rebirth) 20.55

1 Sherridan Kirk (Zenith Tobago) 1:46.40
2 Jamaal James (Quantum) 1:51.98
3 Jieutonne Archer (Zenith Tobago) 1:52.35

1 Curtis Cox (Simplex) 15:22.26
2 Richard Jones (TT Road Runners Club) 15:54.06
3 Collin Mercurius (Guyana) 15:58.26

400m Hurdles
1 Sanchaze Ross (Eagles) 52.49
2 Kwesi Toney (Zenith Tobago) 53.32
3 Keal Armstrong (Tobago Falcons) 55.88

Triple Jump
1 Chris Hercules (unattached) 16.01m (wind: -1.7 m/s)
2 Dellon Williams (Neon Trackers) 14.42m (wind: -0.9 m/s)
3 Mikel Courtney (Toco TAFAC) 14.41m (wind: 0.0 m/s)

Discus Throw
1 Eric Mathias (British Virgin Islands) 50.96m
2 Adonson Shallow (St Vincent) 48.40m
3 Wade Franklyn (Zenith Tobago) 38.26m

1 Rebirth 40.36
2 Concorde 40.75
3 Zenith 42.19

1 Memphis3:12.21
2 Zenith Tobago3:13.82
3 Concorde 3:18.50


200m (wind: +1.8 m/s)
1 Kelly-Ann Baptiste (Zenith Tobago) 22.94
2 Ayanna Hutchinson (Phoenix) 23.35
3 Monique Cabral (Memphis) 23.87

1 Melissa DeLeon (Phoenix) 2:04.09
2 Pilar McShine (Success & Excellence) 2:15.46
3 Afiya Walker (Burnley) 2:20.04

1 Janil Williams (Antigua) 10:37.53
2 Samantha Shukla (Success & Excellence) 10:43.87
3 Paula Jones (Memphis) 12:22.90

400m Hurdles
1 Aisha George (Zenith Tobago) 1:02.00
2 Crystal Skeete (Zenith Tobago) 1:04.22
3 Kelly Ann Romeo (Zenith Tobago) 1:06.11

High Jump
1 Rhonda Watkins (Bishop Anstey) 1.80m

Triple Jump
1 Sheron Mark (QRC) 12.54m (wind: -0.6 m/s)

Shot Put
1 Candice Scott (George Clarke Striders) 16.38m
2 Annie Alexander (Burnley) 14.94m
3 Akeela Bravo (Burnley) 10.99m

Discus Throw
1 Annie Alexander (Burnley) 44.94m
2 Jodie Sutherland (Burnley) 35.42m
3 Rene McFarlane (Brooklyn) 29.63m

1 Cuquie Melville (Zenith Tobago) 4,568 points
2 Natoya Baird (Zenith Tobago) 4,118
3 Venice Frederick (Success & Excellence) 3,609

1 Zenith 45.93
2 Air Bon Sonics 51.02

1 Zenith 3:55.59
2 Air Bon Sonics 4:27.13