A section reserved for Acronym definitions!

I don’t think I’m the only one that finds it frustrating to try to understand a thread or post full of Acronyms, or “self” made Acronyms/abbreviations?
Many times I have just given up, as I did a search, but nothing comes up, or, it just makes the reading not worth the trouble.
I can see this as a frustration for those who first visit this site as well.
What if, there was a section that had all the Acronyms used here, with definitions, and that to use an Acronym in a thread or post, it must be added to the list?
Many threads are impossible to follow, unless you are very well versed in the language.
This would make it much less frustrating for the less experienced, such as myself.
Just an idea…I very well could be a tiny minority having this problem…

good idea, what examples do you have to start with?

Eod = every other day

RB34 Should have his own dictionary of Acronym’s. Check his journal. I never know wtf he does during workouts.

Here are some that I have found:

CM, MWF, PNF, ATG, NLP, DMA, ARP, GS, OHB, ROM, SE, WTS, BF, OH, OL, DB, PT SBI, DL, SS, and PP for a start.

A few of these have stumped me, and I found the others just doing a random reading of threads.

difficult out of context and some have me stumped but here are a few including some guesses
MWF probably = Monday, Wednesday Friday
PNF = Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching
ATG = Ass To Ground as in depth of squat
ROM = Range Of Motion
SE = Speed / Special Endurance
WTS = Wednesday Thursday Saturday/ Sunday ? :confused:
BF = Body Fat
PT = Personal Trainer
DL = Dead Lift or Defensive Lineman

wts = weights
FEF= fast easy fast
oly = any olympic lifts… power cleans
pt can also mean physical therapy
OH= over head

wts = weights
FEF= fast easy fast
oly = any olympic lifts… power cleans
pt can also mean physical therapy
OH= over head

Thanks…that does help.

I just wish when acronyms are used, that they were fully written out the first time mentioned, then at least someone reading can trace back to the origional post to find a definition.
But, again, it may be just my ignorance.
I am quite grateful for the wealth of information this forum does carry in itself and membership.


the Acronym “CM” frustrated me when I started to read:


It was mentioned about 3/4 of the way through the Leg Mechanics section… actually, I know, there are MANY acronyms in this article as it is advanced and meant for the expert…I was reading it in hopes of being able to understand.


that helps CM = centre of mass although usually shown as CG for centre of gravity

ARP =Accelerated Recovery Performance (it’s an electrical stimulation device)

GS=General Strength?

GS- general strength (exercises)
NLP- neuro linguistic programming
OHB- overhead backwards (med ball throws)
DB- dumbbell

MB- medicine ball
BS- back squat
FS- front squat
PC- powerclean
RDL- romanian deadlift
SLDL- single leg or stiff leg deadlift
1L- one leg
CF- Charlie Francis
CFTS- Charlie Francis Training System