A pack of doubts on sprinting technique

:o It seems to me like most of elite sprinters fully extend their arms during the backward motion (with an angle of more than 100 degrees) at their acceleration phase.I got wrong with that view?

By other way looking at slow motion videos,it seems to me like a lot of sprinters look not relaxed at all (even when they get great times)I.e. looking Maurice it seems like he maintain a very strong arm action during all the way.

Reading the article of technique by The One (a great article of course)I got a few questions relationed with other technique feelings that I´ve read:

In a video from HSI at eurosport I heard Ato say something like "you should pump your arms and lift (the knees I suppose)"well that feeling works great for me but maybe I missinterpretate that words,Could you help me with that?

I´ve read once that during the accel phase you should drive your knees to the chest.It´s right or wrong?

And my last question :o Could someone explain the rol of the arms during the accel phase?

Lot of thanks in advance.See you :slight_smile:

I heard Tom Tellez speak recently about sprint mechanics. He said what you point out that when elite sprinters swing their arms back, the angle increases and then the angle gradually decreases. He says that if you try to maintain 90 degrees, which many coaches promote, you end up shortening your stride because your legs and arms are then out of synch.

As for knee lift, you don’t really lift the knees at all. You emphasize pulling the leg forward with the thigh and step over the opposite knee. By stepping over the knee by having a tight radius in the recovery leg, the knee rises naturally in response to the mechanics of the recovery leg. Hope that makes sense.