A note on Downloads

Hi Members

A number of you have asked what happens after you buy an ebook from us. Here I will outline exactly what you can expect.

You choose the ebook you want and proceed through our checkout. Note that the final checkout ends at paypal. You get 2 receipts, 1 from us, 1 from paypal (our payment processor).

Once your order status has been marked complete you will be able to log back into our online store (your account) and download your order.

Notes: Our ebooks are in .pdf format which requires Adobe reader (a free reader from Adobe.com), are compressed in .zip format a free download from Winzip.com.

If you bought a book or DVD your status will change when we have tracking information to provide you. Once you get a paypal receipt, your order is complete. You will get an email notice from us when your product ships.

All orders are delt with within 24 hours of receipt.

If you do not complete the paypal checkout your order will not complete, therefore you will not get an email from us.

Hope this helps