A must-see Ronaldinho Clip!


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Unbelievable! Did he really bouce it of the goal 3x, that is crazy!

Ummm… seems like disney to me. Dunno if that is really real. With the crossbar and all but if it is that is very, very impressive.

Actually that was four times…

It was interesting to see that when doing your standard juggling with the ball Ronaldhino seemed quite awkward and one-legged, but when improvising at high-speeds, like in a game, he really shines.

Remember it is a commercial!..Remember those sport drink commercials with L. James shooting jumpers from one end of the court and M.Vick throwing bombs from one end of the field… :rolleyes:

Fake. You lose sight of the ball each time he volleys it. And the ball makes a weird sound each time it hits the bar. And what else is he going to do when he gets a spanking new pair of Nike boots? Balloon it over the bar? :smiley:

guys guys guys, dont forget his performances in the UEFA last year okay! this man is one out of a million and he’s got some magnet attached to his shoes!!! i think him on the ball by himself with no pressure… well i guess thats what you can expect

I thought i might get caught out when i wrote that but i couldn’t be bothered to watch it again to check.

That’s what i thought.

I can promise you 100% this is not real. If it was he would score every shot he took in a game. Also you can tell its not real, the ball comes back to him at the exact same angle every single time. You do realise for the ball to come back to him at the EXACT same angle, he would have to hit the bar in the exact same place with the exact same amount of force. Yet each time he hits the ball it travels at a different angle, but comes back to him in the same place. :rolleyes:

It looks good but its fake. :slight_smile:

Its advertising, it is Disney but it is cool as hell. Anyone seen Sholin (SP?) Soccer? All footballers should practice Kung Fu.


A bit one-legged, but… :slight_smile:

Thanks, Thor!
Why are all these idiots walking in front of the camera? :slight_smile:

Although I would pay a ticket to see just that, I would go with Brazil every time!! :eek:
And these prove my point… :cool:


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget Tiger Woods real golf-ball juggling act. That was awesome!!

He missed scoring 4 times on an empty net! How is that good?

Lets hope Australia is that fortunate next June

Can’t wait to see Ronaldinho this June! As long as he’s stickin’ the ball in the ol’ union bag vs pinging it off the wood-work of course. :slight_smile:

really no comment

As much as love him i don’t think we’ll see as much of him as we’d like. When you have the likes of Ronaldo and Adriano playing in front of you, but he’s young so we jus thave to be patient!