A month's wages to watch a car race: welcome to China

SHANGHAI, Dec 19 (AFP) - VIP ticket prices for China’sfirst-ever hosting of a Formula One race, in Shanghai next year, will top 4,000 dollars, state press reportedFriday.
In hopes of filling the race track’s 200,000-seatgrandstand, Chinese organisers said lowest pricedtickets would go for 50 to 60 dollars, or the equivalent of almost a month’s wages for the average resident,various reports said.
All tickets will be valid for the three-day longevent, including two days of qualifying and the raceitself, the Oriental Morning Post reported.
Shanghai, China’s largest city, is the latest destination on the Grand Prix calendar after winning a seven-year contract to host races starting nextSeptember.
The cost of holding the event, including the buildingof the circuit on the western outskirts of Shanghai,said to be the largest in Asia, will total about fivebillion yuan (600 million dollars), the Post said.