a lot of meets and milions of pictures




good ( and large ) material but,
damn, we can´t save or donwload the files…

you can’t have it all :slight_smile:

Y not ?!?!?!

actually if you want to get the images, login with my account
username: ahgchile
password: bujinkan

cheers all have fun!!!

Thank you very much Alex,
but i´m already have a login and still with the “problem”
when i try to save…appear:
This function is disabled !

Can you guuys save any pic from any athlete ?

Won’t work for me, either…

if you have internet explorer… you should be able to just mouse over the image and a little box will appear in the upper left corner with a save image and print image option. I just click on save image and it works fine.

Yeah, of course !!!
Now i know why are u using this Nickname Newton