A link to some clips of drills.

A link to some clips of drills. Click on “practise” on the right and choose from there. Drills like running-A’s can be seen when you click “loopscholing”.

By the way, the second button from the left is a slow-motion button, and if you click on pause and then the next button you can scroll through the frames. Of course, you can do this by placing the pointer over each frame depicted under the main window too.
My compliments to the webmaster!

Nice site, I wish I was more advanced in my German classes. I can’t understand sh-- with all that technical gibberish about athletics. BTW not a very good example of a start, that guy barely extends his knee more then 90 degrees in each step. The other samples are interesting though, now I see what some of the things I know only in spanish are called, I had never known that A’s were that simple drill, I sometimes do it in my warmup.

Just nitpickign, but it isn’t in german it’s in dutch.

Enjoyed the web page - would have enjoyed it more in english I think