A-League Soccer - S&C - Q's for Nanny

Hello Nanny,

Your approach is very different from what I do and I would be interested in knowing how your guys perform in the Yo-Yo Recovery Lev. 1 test, if you do it.

Also the average numbers in the gym would be interesting.


agree 100% TC not once this year have we had a session where if it was bad the coach says keep going i am not happy, he says they look bored and are not here mentally so thats enough, we’ll start afresh tomoz, we dont follow a strict routine where whats written down is what we have to do.

a sample field session not inc speed work will be warm up and mobility exercises 40 mins, 10 min passing/skill game.

keepers break off to work with our GK coach, defender go with the assistant coach strikers go with the head coach, the assistant says because he’s a glory hunter i mean former striker himself thats why he gets the strikers each time :smiley:

then we all come back in to play a small sided games sometimes 2 x 15 min halves and these are intense.

to be honest we dont do it, we have done 1 beep test since i have been there, our focus was on speed in the pre season and let them get fit during pre season games, training games, and into the season itself.

the roosters used to do it more often than not but only 2-3 would do it right i would watch guys leave 2-3 secs before the beep stop short keep going well after they were well behind so in the end what would that tell them.

We are pretty strict with the testing protocol, but well… if you don’t use it we can’t compare numbers :wink:

What about the gym numbers?

without confidence and self belief in the athlete(s) and the program itself i would be wasting my time in either sport.

How is Joshua going ? Is the calf 100% yet?

its 100% the training is going great, wont race again until nats.

Keep up the good work. Lets hope he can get the personal issues sorted out. All systems go from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changing back worked a treat :rolleyes: I always wondered how a team that was a powerhouse went to shite the next season with pretty much the same players.

Why aren’t you doing the sort of stuff The Warriors are? :confused: That’s REAL training :rolleyes:

BEEFCAKE BOATIES ARE OARSOMEWarriors expose more than raw power

By TAMMY BUCKLEY - Sunday News | Sunday, 03 February 2008

Warriors stars showed off more than their league skills when they stripped down to their speedos for an early morning rowing session.

The players teamed up with the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club to row surf boats from Takapuna Beach, on Auckland’s North Shore, to Rangitoto Island followed by a run up the volcano, then a paddle back to Takapuna. The special workout, designed to “mix it up a bit”, on Thursday saw many of the footballers experience ocean rowing for the first time.

While the sun was out, a strong breeze whipped up the sea meaning the muscles on show had to be put to good use.

Workaholic lock Micheal Luck said the outing was “tiring but good”.

“It was little bit rough on the way over. It was a bit better coming back because we were with the ocean,” he said.

“(The run up Rangitoto) was pretty tough. It gets pretty steep towards the end and I found that pretty hard.”

Many of his team-mates were “pretty stuffed” afterwards, and a planned afternoon training session was cancelled when some of the players ended up lying on the floor exhausted during a team meeting.

Luck and his rowing team of Ian Henderson, Simon Mannering and Ryan Shortland plus ex-Kiwi Mark “Horse” Bourneville, who now heads the Piha Surf Club were in the first boat home.

The result wasn’t a surprise as Luck used to row for a surf lifesaving club in North Queensland.

“It’s been about four years since I’ve been in a boat. It took a while to get back into the rhythm but once we got back out on the ocean it was good,” he said.

Bourneville, star of TV reality show Piha Rescue, told Sunday News he was impressed by the Warriors’ efforts given it was the “worst sort of conditions you want to try and learn to row in”. SO WHY NOT POSTPONE IT? :rolleyes:

“There were certainly a couple of guys there I wouldn’t mind stealing off them, to make permanent boaties if possible. Some of those big, strong, tall guys would make magnificent boaties if I can persuade them,” he said.

Captain Steve Price, who didn’t venture into the water, was proud of his team-mates.

“There are going to be sore body parts tomorrow but they are going to be a bit unique because your working different parts and it keeps the boys fresh,” Price said.

“You know it’s exciting for them going somewhere different and doing something different, and still from (skills coach) Craig Walker’s perspective getting the fitness he wants. You enjoy it a bit more than running around the field and doing same old, same old.”

he’s a good guy craig walker, he was the rehab guy at the roosters and left for the warriors the year after me.

gotta make you laugh, this latest blow up was news to us today i must admit, and to be honest gives me the shits, must have been a slow day in melbourne yesterday with nothing to write about it even made sky news… stay tuned for my response to that

Well yes athletics is the one sport in Oz where officials go to the media and run their mouths off about the athletes. Rugby league keeps things in house.

Stuff them, their only haters :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember reading about Jim Stynes (Melbourne?) telling about doing that kind of session almost 20 years ago.

With your sprinting eye Nanny how fast do you reckon some of the top soccer players could cover the 100m? With all that speed training and the fartlek style training they get with their 90min games there is probably a few who could be very good middle distance runners! I know Shawn Crawrford from the AFL club Hawthorn is very handy over 2 laps along with former junior national chmpions Tim Clark and David Spriggs who also play in the AFL.
I’ve sent you a response to your PM.

Let me give you my opinion on this one.

I think some soccer players could be sub 11" sprinters, but there are not as many as people think; whereas more could be decent 400m runners.

One of my fastest players can run 11.5" submax 100m after doing 10+9 reps between 13" and 14.5" with 30" rest in between (3’ between sets). I mean, the 20th rep was run in 11.5" and was not actually all out.

BIG day today, 2nd leg of the major semi final we carry a 2 nil lead from the home semi final so 1 away goal and we should be through to the Grand final on the 24th in Sydney.

also my $–k bonus kicks in for grand qualification…:smiley:

True!! :smiley: Thats a nice incentive hey. Sweet.

Good luck - hope things go well.

well that didnt go as planned lost on aggregate 3-2 after extra time…

mentally and physically the guys who were away from the team for a 10 day period after the last game were very flat, they only game back to training 2 days prior to the game.

at least we now have full control of our own destiny…

Monday was recovery, a field session for guys who played less then 30 mins and players not used.

Today - Tuesday is a rest day with just treatment for any guys carrying slight injuries.

Wednesday i am having a games day with 4 teams of 7, playing non soccer related games, like touch football to liven the group up and have some fun whilst still turning the legs over.

this weekend is now a match worth $$ to everyone involved, inc owner, the city, players and staff as if we win and advance we are not only into the grand final but into the asian champions league. see story to follow.

A POTENTIAL multi-million-dollar windfall awaits the A-League preliminary final victors, and both coaches have backed their kids to grab a place in the grand final.

In the gold corner are Gary van Egmond’s “Baby Jets”, officially the A-League’s youngest side. The team that lost to Central Coast last Sunday had an average age of 23 years and 338 days, while their season average has been 24 years 15 days.

In the orange corner, the Queensland team that defeated Sydney FC 2-0 last Friday was the third-youngest team in the A-League at 25 years 153 days.

Victory in the preliminary final at EnergyAustralia Stadium not only guarantees a grand final berth but also a spot in the Asian Champions League, estimated to be worth at least $500,000 in sponsorship, merchandising and gates - not to mention the $665,000 winner’s purse, which is likely to be increased even more by the time Queensland or Newcastle take part.

The Jets’ band of babies were unheard of at the beginning of A-League: Version III, but they have assumed huge responsibility in the wake of big-name losses. Van Egmond said his youthful charges have provided a breath of fresh air after losing Nick Carle, Paul Okon and Milton Rodriguez in one fell swoop.

“They bring a load of enthusiasm and cheekiness to the training session and a lot of spontaneity,” he said.

"They don’t have a great deal of fear because of age, although that can develop pretty quickly with the finals.

"They have stars in their eyes, ideas of grandeur, which is what you want. They are ambitious.

"They are schooled very well with their technique, particularly under pressure.

"They’ve been excellent. They’ve stepped up when they have needed to and they bring in a certain amount of legs.

“I would say Frank’s in the same boat. They just don’t get over-run.”

There was no better proof of Queensland’s ability ro run and run than at Suncorp Stadium last Friday night, when the Roar’s young legs stifled and eventually overran Sydney “never say die” FC.

Roar coach Frank Farina has transformed the orange corner from a bunch of ageing middleweights into a group of emerging bantamweights, who are more than comfortable punching above their weight.

Though small in stature, the fleet-footed trio of Michael Zullo, Robbie Kruse and Tahj Minniecon have helped to transform the Roar’s season and left a number of A-League defences in a knot with their pace, skill and willingness to run.

Lagging at the foot of the table after six rounds, Farina bit the bullet and injected Zullo and Kruse for ageing warriors Ante Milicic and Simon Lynch. The teenagers both scored in the 2-1 win; seven wins, six draws and just three losses later, the Roar are playing for a spot in the grand final.

Much as Zullo and Kruse have made an impact, Jets player James Holland has been the most stunning success story for either side: he has made eight appearances, all starts; he has netted three goals, including on debut against Wellington Pheonix, and laid on another three in his 787 minutes on the park; and he regularly takes the Jets’ set pieces.

“James has brought a new dimension to our game,” van Egmond said. "He’s very versatile and he’s got a lot of attributes. We had a chat to James after he was in the Australian camp and he loved it because he was at another level, which was that much quicker than Newcastle.

“Newcastle, at the same time, is that much quicker than the (Australian Institute of Sport), because you’re coming up against better quality players.”

The Jets were ready to unveil another young gun, Ben Kantarovski, who has just turned 16, but for a corked thigh he received in an Australia Under-17 camp.

Van Egmond has shown he is not scared to throw his kids in at the deep end - as in last season’s preliminary final, when he handed Troy Hearfield a debut.

well what a great night that was we are into the grand final after yet another game that went into extra time. and also we are now in the Asian Champions League in March 2009

the light week of fun proved a winner with everyone going into the game high on confidence.

after our games day on wednesday we trained thursday and gave them friday off completely trained for 1hr on saturday then had Adam McDougall a rugby league player come in to address the players about what it meant to the town and the people of newcastle to have a winning team (Adam was a member of the Newcastle Knights team that won the NRL grand final in 1997 with scenes of tens of thousands supporters lining streets for the team bus on the way to sydney and packing out the oval the next day to celebrate)

we should have won in normal time but for a dodgy penalty… the players and staff took offence to an article during the week from the QLD conditionig coach or self labelled guru saying that his team are far superior in fitness, speed and strength and will run all over Newcastle, well mate heres a quote “eat shit, we smashed you in extra time” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: