a few quasi pointless observations

some time ago, i was on a body builders program, dieting and having cheat days. while this hasnt changed fundamendaly i have made some modifications

what i observed though was this. Every friday is a cheat day, usually i just eat regardless of nutritional content around 4000kcal. When my weekly diet was 2000kcal/day on fridays i just CRAVED penut butter more than anything else, i mean i started eating a teaspun and couldnt stop till i ate the whole thing.

now i eat 3000-3500kcal/day,still have the cheat days and some penut butter crossed my path. I ate a couple of spunfools and then just left it be, i didnt want any more. I still ate 4000kcal with the same enjoyment i used to just not penut butter.

After some retrospection and messing around with my food logs i saw that while on the stupid 2000kcal diet i used to eat less than 35-40 grams of fat/day. Curently im eating around 70-80. Im guessing that my body was CRAVING for some fat while now it doesnt.

Whell, what i DO crave now is sweets, perhaps i should up my carbs:p

Are you classifying a cheat day as a refeed or an “eat anything you want day”? If you crave carbs then do a refeed once or twice a week with high gi carbs and keep your fat and protein intake normal.

no no, cheat day = eat for the taste.

i have a thing for pizza and haagen dazs belgian chocolate:p So on “cheat days” i eat around 4000kcal of mostly crapy food. Its a reminiscent of body building education that i cant (or dont wont to) get rid of. It kind of works though, so…

define high g.i carbs if you may, white bread, white pasta and rice or honey, sugar and chocolates?:stuck_out_tongue:

actually whats the theory behind refeeding, i have seen it before

Those are all high GI, I’d stay away from the honey though because it’s fructose(doesn’t refill muscle glycogen as well).

Refeeds refill muscle glycogen and cause a spill over effect which indicates to the body that it is in a fed state. This affects many hormones(such as leptin) and keeps your body burning fat at optimal levels.

“SImple sugars like table sucrose or honey are to only be used for postworkout drinks,…I have found that honey is a great choice for those wanting to add sweetness because the flavor adds richness and prevents the athlete from using too much.” -High Octane Fueling IV (Regenerationlab.com)

I’ve been using a boatload of honey in my postworkout drinks for a pretty long time…what’s the deal?

It’s mostly fructose so it will mostly refill liver glycogen. You want to refill muscle glycogen. Use some dextrose, maltodextrin, glucose or other simple sugars to do the job.

well, i kind of eat rice and pasta almost every day…i mean, i already eat like 250gr protein 350gr carbs and 70gr fat how much more carbs than that?:stuck_out_tongue: i would have to eat like 4000kcal and im already gaining weight at the aformantioned diet

hell, theres something considerably wrong with me, at 3000kcal clean, with 13h training a week i gain weight, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!