A few problems with my bones.

So… On Tuesday I went to the gym and did a chest workout. As I was doing Incline DB Press (50lbs) I did my 4th rep and felt a pop in my shoulder. Things went to shit from there. I was about 15 minutes into my workout and called it quits immediately.

Some of you might remember me saying something about popping and grinding. Well I thought it healed, apparently it didn’t. I immediately went to the bone specialist and set an appointment for today.

Well, I had an x-ray on my shoulder and on my knee. My knee looked fine he said. I told him that my patella area was hurting. He did a touch here and there and he held the knee cap still and pushed up. OMG! Kinda hurt. Needless to say, he said I have tendinitis in my knee cap.

Now for the shoulder. He believes there might be a tear in the glenohumeral joint. (I believe thats the one) He said my rotator cuff is fine… Something about there’s a cap that holds onto the cuff. Inbetween the cap and cuff there is a type of muscle/tendon. He believes that it is torn.

He has set me up for 2 times a week therapy for three weeks for my shoulder(s) and my knee.

Well, needless to say, I’m a little pissed off about it. I was finally starting to get back into shape, started to gain some weight, and get a lot stronger. Now I’m told I have to wait 3 weeks, if not more.

I was also told that if no improvements happen he’s going to order an MRI on the shoulder.

Question: Is there anything I can do to maintain my fitness? I don’t have a six pack anymore. Maybe I could work on that?:o :smiley:

Hmmm… What do ya’ll think?

So you cant put your shoulder under any sort of stress? How about…tempo, hills, plyometrics, ab work, and lower body lifting ?

DB Incline Press has always felt bad on my shoulders. At the top of motion if I bring my hands together it feels like something in my shoulder(s) want to pop out of place. Is this at all similar to what happened with you?

Exactly. I’ve noticed that just letting my arm hang brings on unwanted pain. I have tried to do small bounds and leaps but, as you might know, that little movement brings involuntary movement in the shoulders, at least for me. And for holding it up for a period of time? I feel quite a bit of pressure holding it up for no more than three seconds. As I’m typing this, I’m leaning over and feel pressure. It seems to be constant. I’ve actually felt the pain for a good two days (straight).

Yea, I actually think I injured myself originally doing this one. I just thought I could pull a few reps/sets and be on with my workout. I guess not, eh? But for me I felt the popping when I lowered the weight. It was all so sudden. I went down on my fourth rep and POP! I don’t curse that much, but the f-bomb just shot right out of my mouth. Luckly there was nobody around:rolleyes:. Did you by any chance injure yourself similar to me?

Sounds like from what you’ve described that you have a torn labrum, which will require surgery sometime soon to get you back to normal. I have a few friends that play d1 college football that have all come back from torn labrums after surgery and have been fine. But nevertheless, all season ending injuries.

Get a second opinion from a specialist if you can (orthopedist) to get a complete diagnosis of the injury.

Again it’s just my guess, but it’d be wise to really get it checked out again.

Damn it. The second I read “labrum” I remembered whet the doc said. He said he thinks I have a torn labral. So… Surgery? Really? Right now my doc has me on naproxen (an NSAID) and therapy 2 times a week for 3 weeks.

As mentioned before, I really have limited movement so I’m not really able to do any tempo (because of the petella tendinitis) or workouts in the gym (from the shoulder and knee). I was told that I was going to be given a “small exercise plane” from the therapist, and to take it easy and not “workout” for a couple of weeks, 3-4 he said.

So… there it be. Season ending…? Really? shite.:frowning:

what about leg presses? calf raises? hamstring curls?

Leg Presses - I have yet to try.
Calf Raises - I can’t do them, puts unwanted stress on back/underside of knee
Hamstring curls - I was thinking of doing those since the doc said I really should stretch and exercise the hamstring, due to the fac that it is somehow weak and this inturn puts stress on my petella.

Ok, well give leg presses a try and see how it goes and maybe you could progress it up and add a lot of lower body strength :slight_smile: Hamstring curls too, but the movement isnt functional, but when you’re injured…I guess you gotta do what you can.

BTW with the calf raises, are you talking standing calf raises which puts pressure on the back, Im thinking about seated calf raises ?

Also what about reverse hypers ? Lunges ?

I guess with this time off I’m gonna have a little more time on my hands. So, I guess I’m gonna do a lot of ab work and try to get a six pack again:rolleyes: Maybe? Maybe? Bigger legs and a six pack, I think that’d be a good switch.

Seated? Oh, I forgot about those :rolleyes: :wink: . Yea, the standing raises, or the laying down on the leg press machine, are the ones that put stress on the knee.

What are reverse hypers? How would I do the lunge? I’ve always done it with weights in my hand or my hands on the back of my head. I once tried to do it with my arms relaxed and I was compeletly off balance. :confused:

reverse hypers : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIP-c1IUbR0

Maybe you can try lunges again with hands down/relaxed and develop some balance :wink:

Also look into doing GHRs : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0oqLDZ8JcI

Also try one leg squats, and any other body weight lower body exercise you can find I guess. The reverse hypers/GHRs will really develop your hamstrings which are lacking and both are sprint favourite exercises.

As for abs… go crazy with that man :smiley:

Also do some isometric exercises, if you got a little bit of extra cash…I guess at this time it wouldnt hurt to try the all popular but perhaps scam ? :confused: speed training program at http://www.athleticquickness.com

Hmm… Those videos are interesting. I’m not sure my gym has a reverse hypers machine. But yea, I’ll most definately look into doing some of that stuff.

Abs? I think, just for the hell of it, I’m going to take a pic everyday and make one of those here to now videos. :smiley:

I didn’t injure myself, but once I had to drop the weight because my shoulder started to pop/snap/break/something … It hurt for a couple weeks but wasn’t a big deal. I haven’t done incline with DB since.

Don’t let me scare you as I was just giving you a story of a couple of friends that were in similar situations. If you take some time off and away from the movement that hurt your shoulder then maybe you’re fine after all.

The guys that needed surgery had it really bad, all torn labrums from glenohumeral joint dislocations. So it could be you just felt some pain, irritated the labrum, and could be fine in a few weeks.

Sorry if I freaked you out :wink: Wasn’t my intention.

I started doing the incline bench two weeks ago and also started having the first clicks ever in my shoulders since then, is this normal?

Lol, don’t worry about it man. It’s all good. I kinda screwed myself over it, overanalyzing is all.:o But I know where your coming from. To me, I’m not so sure if it’s torn or not. Doc said that an MRI is the way to confirm that.

Like I said, I just got wigged out thinking the worst possible thing… a “season ender”.

You know what? I’m beginning to think that there’s a correlation with any type of Incline Bench Press, whether on the bench or with dumbbells, to shoulder socket injuries. Granted, I’m sure there is, but I was talking with one of my co-workers and he had the exact same problem as me, just he did it with a bench and both of his shoulders got dislocated, causing him to need surgery, but for me there’s a possible tear in the labrum.

Does anybody else have any familiarity with this?

I just did the incline bench movement in front of the computer and in the first reps my shouders did a tremendous popping that disappeared thereafter. :confused:

edit: i can now make it pop whenever i want, just bring the arm waay back, parallel with my back and with full rom and i get that annoying popping

I just came back from the gym and noticed that if i let my shoulders / high back rest on the chair while incline benching there is no popping, but whenever I lift my self so that I cannot let my back lie on something i get the pop.