A different dvd bundle

I have been thinking about some of purchasing a couple of the videos, but looking at a different combo to the specials you have started offering.

Interested in:
Fundamentals I
GPP Essentials
Vancouver 2004

If brought together is there a possibility of a special price?

yes these are a good 3 to start with. Van02 is also the next essential one because it lays down most of the theory.

See my reviews in the Reviews and Remcommendations section.


Big Mac

Check our bundles out, if somethings not there let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you (or any member).



I’ve received your messages, I’ll have the new bundles up today. Sorry for the delay.


Still have money burning in my pocket.

And now been fixed up. Can’t wait to receive my new goodies.

Rupert, how about a GPP Essentials/Modern Strength & Power Methods/CFTS bundle?

What would the pricing look for that? You can PM if need be… Thanks