A career...

So Im thinking about my career, seeing as Im almost done with my first year in college. I’ve been thinking of the sports medicine field.

Question is… what classes would I have to take to get that degree. Kinesiology? Anatomy?

Id like to to something like training, nutrition, etc. But I really dont want to be in a field where Im required to take biology, or any sciences casue I just brutally suck in those classes. Or would they be a requirment?

So again, what classes would I have to take to get a sports medicine degree?


To be called “Dr” in any profession, Science is at the least a requirement. Try it out, see if you like it.


Any exercise related degree will at least require anatomy and physiology, exercise phyiology, biomechanics, and motor learning. Other courses might include more practical classes, depending on your college. Sports med programs would include injury/treament based courses.

Some programs require physics and/or chemistry. You should check with an advisor soon to plan your course work.

If your looking for an undergrad degree just look up your schools cirriculum requirements.

If your looking for a higher level degree look at some schools your thinking about and look at their cirriculm requirement, but you will almost definately need at least a basic understanding of the health sciences if not more to get into any reputable graduate or dr program.

Or you could just ask james colbert he seems to have about 11 or 12 graduate degrees :rolleyes:

Here in Australia, you need to be a Dr 1st, then enrol in sports medicine, that’s another 12-18months on top.

To reiterate what others have said, you need science classes including biology. At least in the US, you need those to do your MCATs and to get into med school to begin with.

I get the vague impression that you don’t really want to work hard at this. Getting into med school is difficult, you need an insane GPA and test scores to get noticed. Then you have to find a way to stand apart from other applicants. (This usually involves being published in a major journal and doing original research). If you really love a field, you will go to hell and back to learn everything related to it, even if it is difficult. If you are not ready to take some classes “in case you suck at them”, you are in for a rough ride.