A Career in Sports/Fitness

I live in Ontario and I am currently going into my last year of high school. For a while I thought I wanted to get into engineering but lately I have turned away from that and would much rather get into something sports related. The school I want to go to, for several reasons, offers various degrees in applied sciences: nursing, physical education & kinesiology, recreation & leisure, and sport management. I have been pulling towards the physed & kinesiology. From there you can specialize in BSc-Kin, BKin, and BPhEd Movement Studies. Most of the future careers they advertise are physiotherapist, athletic therapy, coaching, teaching, and exercise prescription. I am not sure which of these, if any, interests me. I am not closing the door on other programs as I think getting into the supplement industry would also be something I enjoy.

Could anyone give me any info/opinions/experiences they have with a sport related career?


You should go and see some people doing the jobs listed. See if what they’re doing actually interests you at all.

Whatever you do if you want to be sucessful, you need to have a passion for it.

I am a coach in Southern Ontario, message me and we can chat about an internship or work and learn along with me