A better product to invest in?

What would be a overall better product to invest in for me, my main goal becoming lean and explosive for vertical jump, NO2 supplement or a BCAA supplement?

Neither would be a good investment if you have to ask the question. Get some solid sports nutrition information, get your diet right, protein, creatine, fish oil, multi-vitamin, and then maybe consider a BCAA supplement.

proper training and diet > stupid supplements

I do everything u say i just want one more solid supplement…

Spend your money getting therapy, consulting with a coach, or getting a training product. NO2 is crap and BCAA has limited use for the majority of non-full time athletes, especially if you already had good pre and post workout nutrition.

Apparently he has his training covered because he values purchasing these supps above training info

Well, you can never know enough information about training this is always true, but right now I wanted to try one of these products out and see If they work for me, and was wondering according to my goals, which one would be a better choice thats all. If you feel I need to change up my training or you do not agree with what I am doing, please feel free to crituqe “my athletic training journal” in the training journals section of this forum, i mean this is why I am on this site to take in as much information as possible and why I post all my workouts- to get constructive criticism or to hear I am doing this or that correct-http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=17679

CF just finished your book “Speed Trap” and it, along with following James Smith’s work, really opened me up to your training methodology(not just the old BFS concepts or bodybuilding type lifting programs that I was always taught playing highschool sports), the pro track scene, and how far the West is really behind in sports training. If only I could of had this knowledge earlier, but I still have 4-5 years of college athletics hopefully to apply this new knowledge.

NO2 will make ya freakin’ hyooge.

I understand everyone is ultimately trying to be helpful, but a simple question was asked…


bcaa over no2.

Huge does not really help a basketball guard too much though right, I wanna be lean(cut) and explosive so in your opionion, NO2 would or would not help at all in that department? I dont know theres so much bad information out there. I researched what i could on the internet, some hate it some love it, but just wanted the imput of knowledge people who have been there; the people on this site.

People like NO2 because it has like 200mg of caffeine in it.

the one i was looking at is mainly 3000mg A-AKG (Arginine alpha Ketoglutarate) and 1500mg of calcium phosphate, cellulose ethers and composites, seaweed extracts, corn extract, pectin, and magnesium stearate. http://www.easypricematch.com/viewitem.asp?idproduct=34197

Also have muscle milk regular, and was wondering if i should take in back in favor of muscle milk light or simply not even worry about the difference?

ALL NO2 products are crap, they do zilch to improve performance of just about any sort. even if they did improve your pump, how does this help you perform better?

answer: it doesn’t.

if you’re getting sufficient protein from high quality sources, you’ve got your BCAA intake covered and extra is unlikely to do anything in the first place.

seriously, we just discussed this in another thread on the forum.

which you also appear to have started.

lean and cut = diet and proper training

explosive = proper training

where do you think magic pills fit into that?

Alright so BCAA is good when you do not get enough protein to begin with, so ill cut that, and NO2 seems to have not much effect either so ill drop that as well,so maybe with that 30 dollars ill buy some extra zone bars…

spend the 30 on a good book on training. Like CFTS or Practical Programming or something like that.

it’ll do you way more good