Wonder when he will get a legal sub 10.

He will tear up the SEC next year… He’s been running 10.0-10.2 all season. I guess that 45s 400 helped his 100m. He’s eating up the track…


I know nothing about UGA track. Hope they don’t screw him up, you see that a lot. Kid could be special and the next face of track after Bolt.

Some idiots on letsrun say he should run the 800 lol. That’s some dumb shit. White kid runs fast, put him in 800. Idiots.

I’m going to go watch him.

It’s a mini Lsu from a sprint program. Short speed and power work - solid program.

That’s should be good.

I wonder how he trains now…

You never know.

white guys can run fast…

You should listen to his dad - “just work hard”. I wish it was that easy.

You should listen to his dad - “just work hard”. I wish it was that easy.



BEAST!!! 44.74

Yeah this guy is an awesome talent with potential to reach the top, however, that is what it is at the moment just potential. High school records are littered with athletes who have not converted there extraordinary high school performances to the pro ranks.
I hope this kid makes it as he looks the goods.

Gonna be curious how he adjust to the different college training. His college training should be much different then what he’s doing at the high school level and how long will it take for him to be a believer in his college coaches.

Yeah, I agree. His High school training appears to be very much long to short so he has exceptional natural speed. It will be interesting to see which college he goes to and how he performs on a well structured short to long program. One would think he would improve, although , do you not fix what aint broke… and keep the status quo.

He’s going to Ga, their program is more s2l. Sprint coach competed at lsu and their training looks very similar to lsu training programs.


Thanks for the link…it looks like he’s going to a good program…I suppose it’s a watch this space and see if he can develop into a consistent sub 10 or sub 44 guy.
At any rate, he’s an exceptional High School talent.

Man, that is an old school workout. They are calling a 52 400m for a 44.7 kid “quality.”

Sad thing is - he may go to college and run much slower with better training (s2l etc).

I fully believe in the CF approach, but it is interesting to see how some people respond well to training on the other end of the spectrum. This is my first year not coaching in 10 years at the small college where I coached sprints. The new coaching staff is all about volume. Some of the athletes set PBs this year whereas other never matched last year’s marks.

The kid I was proudest of last year went from 24.19/55.55 to 23.42/52.29 under me in a year. I was a little concerned at the beginning of this season as he wasn’t running well under the new program. But he ended the season with marks of 22.99/51.09. The only true comparison would be to what I could have brought him down to with one more year of training, but I’d say he definitely had success under this more “old school” approach.