9.38s...It was real ?

Does anyone heard about a race where Ben set 9.38s for 100m ?
I read this in a site but i´m not sure, i guess that site haven´t credibility.
It is a site that talk about Healthy Body ( Oracle is one of his sponsors ).

Probably not, as far as I know the fastest time ever recorded is Obadele Thompson’s hurricane aided 9.69.

Never happened!! Don’t you imagine you’d have heard about it, even if it was windy?

what was the wind on that 9.69 i think i read +6 or +7?

The wind for Obadele Thompson’s 9.69w was +5.7m/s…I believe it comes out to a mark of around low to mid 9.9x according to JRM’s calculator…

Talking about wind,
i see lot of aid from wind for this year.
The metereologist are saying that 2004 will probabily be the best year since modern times to eolic sources of energy.
Well, we can confirm it at track too; we have 2 sub 9.9s both wind aided.
I have a quesion about this wind issue.
Let suppose a wind aided (+2.0m/s) Olympic 100m Finals this year.
Ok, lets suppose that some guy run under 9.78s,
what happens ?
The WR continue 9.78s ( TM at valid +2.0m/s ) right ?
But, the Gold medal, the guy will earn a gold medal ?
This happened in the past ?

The world record would still stand at 9.78.
The winner would still get his medal. Wind readings have no impact on place finishes.