88 re-run


Link to a story with pics of Johnson.

What a waist - that money for guys who no longer are in need of support. Put the money into the young athletes that need the money to get to the world level that these athletes were at one day.
Absolutely a waist of money
It disgusts me!

I am not a weak, or soft centered person. But aleast Ben JOhnson is trying to redeam him self.

And there cannot be nothing Bad about that.

Mr. COOL, that is a wise point. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Ben has suffered for his transgressions, and then some.

He jogs twice around the 200-meter track, waving as he passes Charlie Francis - the coach who gave him steroids in the 1980s and now is a pariah in the sport.

It doesn’t seem to me that Charlie is a “pariah”.

I think its great that Ben and Charlie still talk. How odd it seems to me (as an outsider) for two people who shared such momentous things to just casually say hi. But for two friends I guess its just no big deal.

Has Charlie said one way or the other if he’ll train Ben again for a re-run? Has Ben asked?

10 reps of 225 at bench is pretty darn good, 42 or no. And if he’s really squatting 500, my hats off to him. Plenty of world class sprinters can’t do that.

It is pointless to argue that younger atletes should be getting the money when there is little public interest in athletes not yet at the world-class level. The million bucks is being put up [surprise surprise] by businessmen trying to make a buck on the event. The market will bear what the market will bear, and money made for track and field athletes young or old can only be a good thing. It’s not a “waste of money” because these promoters are not track philanthropists, they are entrepeneurs putting up risk capital.

10 reps at 225 isn’t too hard, he has lost some upperbody strength. But the article says that he is regularly squatting 550 - thats freaky!

It is my hope that when they run this race, (a race that needs to be run)…that people around the world will start opening their eyes to the truth of what really went on during the 88 olympics… what is really going on with athletics…what is really going on in both amature/ pro sports. Most people dont realize that ever since the first olympics people have been breaking rules. They think smoking and drugs are ok and healthy but using ban performances means you are the devil. The people in general are ignorant because of the brainwashing that media/society has produced. We are robots. All the same. Its time to unbrainwash the robots. Lets unlearn ignorance and start using logic and reason. Has the human race forgotten how to think. The IAAF needs to be repremanded and shamed for their actions. New leadership has to be put in place. They need to admitt their sins. Admitt the scandals and scams they have pulled off. Admitt the cover ups. I dont care if this race costs 10x that amount. Not only will it be symbolic. It will make people aware of the injustice ben faced during his career, his life ect. And god forbid it brings some change to the governing authorities of the sport. Jon Drummond miss quoted something. It wasn’t a great day for track when they caught balco. It was a great day for track when the 1988 re-race was conceived.


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