800m training help

My friend is a sophmore in high school this year. His pb in the 800 is like a 2:29-2:30, nothing extrodinary.He was hoping to get down to 2:15 this year.He doesn’t really know what kinda of training he needs and since I am a sprinter,I don’t know what to tell him.Right now he’s running hills and lifting weights, but that’s about it. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Increase the fitness. I know tons of HS runners with little speed that can run 2 sub. My team had 3 kids in previous years that couldn’t break 55 in the 4, but broke 2 in the 8, so if he’s not doing a reasonably high volume of general fitness work (callisthenics) and tempo (extensive and intensive) then he needs to get started.

Considering his 800m times from last year and seeing as though he is not a good sprinter, I’d say his 400m is around 1:00, but that’s just guessing.Can anyone give an example of a training schedule factoring in weights, to help him improve?

Try searching 800m programs there are a few threads on here about them and a few journals off some 800m runners, should give u enough material to construct something from

You could also try the Kosmin test; not a brilliant one, but it’ll give you and your friend a rough idea of where he is at the moment and take it from there…
Hope it helps!

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Email address, please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone think him dropping to 2:15 is a realistic goal for this season?

Very realistic. He could get it down even more than that. Without even training for the 800, I ran a 2:06. Probably helped that I have a decent 400m and somewhat OK endurance. He needs to get his fitness levels up and he will improve.