60m Race


WTF is Carl Lewis wearing… LOL


Andre got up running quick…

Doesn’t Carl look special? I had a sweater like that. No, I did not lend him mine. ;).

“The secret here is that he stays in the middle of his lane”. WTF does that mean? These commentators are idiots so much of the time.

What a great f-ing race and Ben slaughtered everyone.

I just spoke to Ben and asked him about the race. I had said he got hurt in this race but he told me he did not get hurt.

He did say he had been running the circuit and went into this race tired. He was not sure he should run because he was so tired. Pretty cool.

I was also looking at the views of different you tube races and noticing how many views for some and not others. People in general do not understand much of the history of the men’s 100m or some of the history of track in the past 30 years.

I got a note today from a young boy in grade 8 who wants to learn how to run fast. How adorable.

I get some of the most interesting notes from people. So many notes thanking me for keeping this information around. Super cool!


And Carl Lewis with the Jacket…er, I mean…False start that doesn’t get called back, for the Win.

Carl Lewis Wins 60-Yard Dash at USA/Mobil Track & Field Championships, Madison Square Garden (1983)


Annual Amateur Athletic Union Indoor Track and Field Championships at Madison Square Garden (1953)

John Haines wins the 60y dash with the “Drive Phase”


Julie Rocheleau, Gwen Torrance, Emmit King Win Track Championships at Madison Square Garden (1988)


March 8 1986 Tokyo

“In the men’s 60m sprint Emmit King of the US just pipped Canada’s Ben Johnson, with both men recording the same time of 6.56 seconds.”
Race starts at the 43 sec mark of the vid.


Ben pulls up in 100M May 13 1988 Japan.


May 11 1986 Japan

Ben wins in a slow time.



Look at CAN getting some Major wins in the 200m by Angella and Desai. Sharpe places 3rd in the 100M behind Carl and Pavoni.

Looks like he took it easy here bc his real Season Opener vs Carl Lewis in San Jose, CA a few weeks later at the Bruce Jenner Track Meet. Gotta get paid 1st. Not much leftover when Carl showed up. BJs top speed in 86 was already past 12m/sec and on shit track surfaces.

Look at what countries were dominating and look at how Canada ranked in comparison. It’s really an incredible situation because Can or more accurately, Charlie, was competing against state run, funded and organized governments.

Molly Killingbeck, Angella, Mark, and Desai all did incredibly well just go and be invited and on top of that the results were incredible.

When I met Charlie, Pavoni had been training with his group.

This was the race that created so much controversy before the Olympics in 1988. Charlie talks about this in “Speed Trap”


I used to love watching those indoor races in the 80’s. Channel 4 in the UK would show them on Saturday afternoons. Thanks for posting them, brought back memories.


Did Charlie teach this head position in the blocks?

No he did not.

You see the white guy to the inside of Ben? That’s how I started. I hung my head down as though I was going to tuck my chin into my throat.

Not everyone has the strength to easily hold their head up like BJ. His erector spinae muscles were unlike most anyone. Of course this was developed over time.

Charlie coached people to find a comfortable position in the blocks as it pertained to a few rules on how to start.

Athletics in the UK and EU in general was popular, so much more popular than in NA. It was not so easy to find track on TV.

According to Charlie Ben used to watch VHS tapes of various races and study Carl’s races in his earliest days.


A very young Ben Johnson in Lane 1. 1981 in Zurich I think. Hard to tell for sure.

Ben is also in a 4x100m at the 4:40 mark. with Desai and Tony. Not sure who ran 2nd. USA won with Carl anchoring just missing the 38.03 WR with a 38.13.



60M race. Ben in Lane 1 again. Carl Lewis in Lane 3. Youngsters.

Hurdles- Nehemiah was very very smooth and fast over them hurdles. Had he stuck around for a few more years…the WR would probably be in the 12:70s in the 80s.