60m-Not so Quikazhell

Hey guys,
Ran another pretty crappy 60 last night at the armory. Start was a little better than normal but acceleration was still bad. Looks like my feet are underneath my body rather than behind pushing. Too long GCT too much air time. Please take a look and give your opinions and let me know what you think may help.


You can DL the file here.


Time was 7.19. Season Best is 7.17. I have ran 7.20 twice. Personal Best is 7.11.
I am wearing red.

Your back is very rounded in the blocks. Very bad position to generate any significant amount of force. Don’t try to DL that way. The runner in green has a much more neutral spine position.
Check out “Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance” by Stuart McGill.


Further to the above it appears to me that you drop your hips after the set.

I would also add that you popped up right out of the blocks and did not utilize any of your power in the drive phase.
However,your 30-60 looked relaxed and smooth.


Can’t argue with what everyone else has observed to date. I was more concerned with your premise regarding a short “stepover&down” phase during acceleration.

I take it your are a frontside dominate sprinter. However for short sprints, I wonder if you may be reaching or “pawing” a bit in the later stage of the race?

Did you feel rushed in any part of your race?

BTW, I did catch your races at Harvard and BU this season.

I’m not certain I popped up. My shin angles would need to be looked at closer. I eliminated the “so called drive phase” Recently because it was causing an unatural break at the waist with no change in shin angles. I am now trying to make sure that during the “drive phase” My feet are behind me and not underneath me which I did not do sucessfully in that race.

Can you please elablorate on “short “stepover&down” phase during acceleration”/?
I didn’t really feel rushed in any part of the race, I just feel my acceleration ground Contact times and air times are long and as I said my feet appear underneath my body and not behind as they should.
What school do you coach or who do you run for? Both short dashes at Boston were bad and the 200’s were mediocre. What was your thoughts? Come introduce yourself next time!! lol. Thanks everyone for the posts so far.

[QUOTE=TMSSF]Can’t argue with what everyone else has observed to date. I was more concerned with your premise regarding a short “stepover&down” phase during acceleration.

I take it your are a frontside dominate sprinter. However for short sprints, I wonder if you may be reaching or “pawing” a bit in the later stage of the race?

This is not the case. After ground contact, the leg spends too much time pushing out and back instead of stepping over. This can be seen when Quick brings the recovery leg forward. As the angle of the recovery leg closes the heel is to far back and the knee of that same leg is pointed down and not parallel (ideal) to the track. A true "front side sprinter (Asafa Powell) is able to step over with the recovering legs heel directly under the glute while the knee of that same leg is pointed directly forward. Jason, since your strength is decent, I would focus on running with your hips up and slightly forward. During top speed, hip height is the most important factor. I would also focus on keeping your chin down. Work on exercises that allow your glutes and hamstrings to fire while the hip is fully extended. (SLDL, Hyperextension, Lying Hip Lift, Glute ham raise, Straight Leg Hip Lifts, etc…
If you go back and look at film of Justin Gatlin early in his career you will see that he used to do the same thing. This outdoor season and for the next few years, you will see that Justin will become more of a “front side sprinter” as his strength improves, hip mobility, improvement of flexion and extension of both legs, and technique.
Hope this helps.

I was at those meets to observe some college athletes I coached in high school. I’ll holler at you the next time!

Regarding the stepover & down - simply an aspect of what we work on here. We emphasize pushing the recovery leg, post stepover, down and back during block clearance and early acceleration.

It would appear, with this thread, we are on our way to “Project Quikazhell”! :wink:

Thanx for all the comments thus far guys.
Lets keep it up.
For the main sake of this thread though lets focus on the start and acceleration. My top is is pretty good. Compared to my start acceleration anwyay. I know from that camera angle it may look as though I got passed at max v but that is just the camera angle. You can keep posting about my stride at top speed. That is cool too, but lets mainly focus on the first part of the race.
Thanx again guys.

TMSSF, Perhaps you can put the clip in slow motion of my start and first few strides like you did in the clip above?

Not to sound ignorant, but what exactly is a frontside sprinter?

Are you familair with frontside mechanics and backside mechanics?
From the side view if you divided the body in half the front side is “front side” and back side is the “backside”. If excessive action of the recovery leg occurs at the backside the runner may be a backside runner I suppose. I never really used the term with the exeption of athletes who have excessive backside mechanics which is usually ascociated with hamstring problems. The other time I use frontside and backside is when describing acceleration which is back side since you need to push backward in order to go forward.

I replaced the initial clip with one from start to acceleration. Size and quality became an issue due to conversion (vector>raster). An mpeg would be better.

im not an expert, actually i dont know anything but heres what i noticed

  1. You looked very un relaxed and tense, like your gonna explode or something

2.Head pops straight up

3.wide track alot at the start(looks like you could go in to both next lanes)

This is what Dan Phaff said at Level 3.
“Rounding through the spine and shoulder/chest area in the set position can allow athletes to apply more force because of myofascial meridians.”
Whatever that means. lol.

Thank you quick, I think I understand it the more I thought about it.

hey, i think our first 10m looks fine, i have to agree with some of the others with the mechanics from 20m-60m looks like your foot it landing to far infront of your body, causiing a longer contact time.
just my 2 cents!!!

Yeah. I’ll try that in my next DL workout. I’m sure it’ll allow me to apply more force. NOT.


Ok, see how much you can deadlift out of starting blocks with your hands on the track in spikes.
Deadlifting and track starts are completly different activities. This thread isn’t a debate about deadlifting. And secondly it isn’t a comment I made. I was simply stating what has been said by Phaff wether or not it is correct, and noone else has commented on it.

Ask Benedikt Magnussen how perfectly arched or aligned his spine is when deadlifting…

edit: oh wait, he only deadlifts 970…sorry