60m indoor

Here is a clip of my coach; Lenny Martinez, 6.69s…



How come he has never been able to regain this form?

Well he was working some years, and fulltime work+athletics is difficult… but now he is studying again and he is back on track training like never before… and we are going to a training camp 8’e january (gran canaria) 2 weeks…

Neat video, what a contrast between varying levels of sprinters. Lol, first of all, doesn’t he false start? He starts 1/4 of a step ahead of everyone. Anyway, doesn’t really matter, he makes a 5m. gap from 10 to 20m. or so. Maybe his arm angle in front is a little too small? Why is his knee lift so high, it goes over parallel to the ground on some strides. Virtually all the other guys end the race losing form completely. Is it my impression or does Lenny never get completely upright or maybe that’s just his style of running, but look after he dives his neck noticeably straightens out and he’s much taller. It’s as if he runs with his neck all contracted and hunched. The guy on lane 8 is the slowest out of the blocks but looks like he ends up getting second just because he holds his form better, passing all those who lose form in the last 10 meters. I’m no expert but that’s my shot at evaluating the video. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good luck to the both of you.

It’s not a false start, the sound of the gun reaches the camera later… and there where like 4 false starts that race, and lennys reaction is just way much better then the other guys…

Yes, Lenny is good at the first ~30m, actually he is faster then many top sprinters, he was leading against J. Drummond and the others on “GE Galan” (in “Globen”, Sweden) first 30m. But doesnt matter, when the race is about 60m… and after his 30m he deaccelerates… He uses all energy on the acceleration(or something like that) and/or he is not that good on straight running…

About the neck/trapecius/shoulders; I think it’s the way he is built - and his way of running.

1st of all, congs 4 the quality of the video.

congs for the start,
now, i have some questions;

a) How older is he ? and what his height and weight ?

If i ( or you ) ask him what´s the secret behind his start & first 30m,
what he´d say ?

Nice Video.
I’m not an expert, first 30 look good, but his 30-60 might be slower because of his hunchback-style of running?

a) He is born 1978 (and I’m 1985), he is 1.80cm / 75kg, but he is pretty big for 75kg…

Well he is my coach, and he have learned me his ideology of block starts… It’s pretty complicated to explain… We train on using as little strides as possible, 4-5 strides first 10m… etc. I cant explain everything… but I can explain what I’m thinking of, when I train block-starts: (the strides), breathing(breath in when the “set” goes and then BAAAAAAM, explode with all air in your lunges breathing out of the blocks and breath in during the first 5-10m then again breath out, the gap between me and others comes from the second “out-breath”… ) and be sure to use the gravity to move forward as long as possible, the faster you raise the longer distance you will have to run in “straight” position, but still you cant accelerate forever. When you think you have reached topspeed and you move to “straight”-running you probably dont have your topspeed… :slight_smile:

This is a method used by a brazillian coach named Nakato,
he teach for their sprinters:
more you can “touch” the floor
fast you´ll run at 1st 10m…
But i don´t know,
i guess this method is good only for sprinters with a lot of fast fibers ( white f )
but, to heavy sprinters, this is not the ideal form, as you can´t maintain the high frequency strides,
thats why i asked you the height and weight of Lenny;
about the breath…it is interesting, but i think it´s hard to do this from night to day, it needs a lot of practice right ?

The Lennys rise ( getting set position ) is veeeeerrrryyyy slooow, he is breathing at that time right ? It´s sound like in slow motion

Yes needs alot of practice :slight_smile:

Hehe, in Sweden they wait looooong time after the “set” in other countries its like “set+BAAAM!” in Sweden its more like “set+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+BAAAM!”…

Well, try it, its more relaxed if you move to set position in slow. No actually he already took his breath when they said “set” and he keeps it untill the gun goes… (he doesnt keep the breath completely cause thats not comfortable, he lets little air go out slowly and thats also why he raises to set-position slowly cause then you can keep your air for the BANG)