60m Analysis help please.

HQ Front View http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1MVFVBFAKXUZX3OKGAK2IP8RHH

Low Quality Side View

If you have trouble viewing the videos, the codec you need can be found directly from this link here http://download.divxmovies.com/XviD-1.1.0-30122005.exe

These are videos of a 60m I ran a few weeks ago, I’m the skinny white kid on the far left of your screen. :smiley:

I’ve included a lower quality (it’s all I had access to) side angle video of that same race for comparison purposes.

Basically I’d like some feedback detailing some things you see. Pull no punches I have thick skin at this point :smiley:

I don’t know what type of information would help the analysis. I can document my training program up to this point, which I have no problem doing provided someone takes a look at this thread :wink: so I’ll let it sit as is for a bit and see what we have later.

The phototiming didn’t work for that race :mad: so other than doing an analysis through dartfish (which I have and arrived at a rough 7.17) I can only guess that it was between 7.35 and 7.05 :smiley:

are the vids of the same race.

in the low quality one it looks like your set position could be changed. i would try making sure that your shoulders are not behind your hands in the set position.

do you have or can you link me with an explanation as to why I should bring my shoulders forward?

and yes they’re of the same race.

i think your weight should be shifted so your shoulders are inline or just infront of your hands. so your force will be going forwards first, with your shoulders behind your hands you might find you initial movement is back and than forward.

do others agree? thats just what i have found and how i was taught!

as to the front on veiw, to me it looks like there is alot of movement in the hips which may be caused from tight glutes.
also others please let me know if you think i’m giving the right advice here.

ok here we go,i’m pausing the video and writing my thoughts in between so here we go again

1-in the blocks i would like to see your arms slightly wider.just outside your shoulders would be fine.

2-in set you seem to look slightly cramped(looks like so front the front).in set try to achieve an angle of 90* front leg and approx 135* back when in set

3-now on your first step compare yourself to the guy to the right(as your looking headon).he stays down while you pop up.

overall you look good.you are getting full extension while running and you are relaxed.leg speed will improve with training so don’t even go there.

keep training and stay healthy!!

Interesting to say the least.

Thanks for the input.

The 90/120-135 angles is something I’m aware of and try for. Whether or not I always hit them correctly in set is another issue.

I’m having a difficult time getting the exit angle from the blocks consistent. Mainly in competition it’ll be too low and I’ll chop my first few strides badly, or it’ll be too high like in the video.


If people are looking for a video player that can play back all sorts of filetypes and allows you to conrol the speed of playback (slomo) this is what I downloaded once my trial of dartfish ran out.


From the front video, it seems that your swings out alot when bringing forward the feet after back kick, does anyone else notice that? Im no expert, but that motion has to be detrimental somehow right?

From the high qual front on vid

Hey im an amateur compared to you and my 60m pb time is about .05 or .2 slower than your run in the vid depending on your actual time but I will offer my analysis.

Pros: You have a nice relaxed stride and your face looks loose. You work your arms hard.

Cons: You didnt stay in the middle of the lane or run in a straight line, and you begin to brake very slightly about 1m before the line.

Nice relaxed run all up mate, hope I can do that one day! :slight_smile:

Love the comments keep em coming if at all possible.

The arms going sideways is something I’m aware of and working on. I’d like to have them cross my torso less on the forward drive and stay closer to my torso when driving them back.

Your arms are behind your hands and your hips are behind your feet in the set position…a good position for going backwards :smiley:

Seriously though. Just work on small changes. Like getting a bit more “forward” in the set position. I would make changes gradually!