60/100 times

i recently got timed in da 100/60 and my times were 7.05/11.70. what gives? i expected at least an 11.2 . i dont know what happens with the last 40meters of my 100s. i know i’m in pretty good shape right now but other sprinters seem to pass me during da last meters. same thing my jr year i was a 7.22/12.1 sprinter.

that doesnt make any sense> are you sure you 60 times were accurate? were they FAT?

my Electronic Pr’s are 7.09 and 11.00.

they were all hand times. that’s da same thing i’ve been trying to figure out all these years i’ve been expecting faster times in my 100, and i always seem to put a gap between myself and the competition for the da 1st 50-60meters after that the competition slowly passes by. by the way my 50m is 6.09h.

Post ur schedule - maybe we can find some clues - I can c why ur disappointed

i dont have a copy of my hs schedule but we go from late feb to early may. we usually have a track meet every week with a two week break in the middle.

The 60m is often a reflection of spped and the 100m time is a reflection of speed plus speed endurance. As top speed for a 7.05 runner occurs fairly early (probably no further than 40 meters), speed endurance is a substantial factor. Whil a top sprinter may hardly decelerate at all in the 100m, a beginner may drop off by up to 35%!
This tells you that you need to work on this area by a means that is suitable to your age and training background. Younger sprinters with a limited background will respond best to general conditionning, while athletes with more backgroung will likely respond best to Special endurance.

what type of workouts can i do to improve the last 40 of my races? or is there anything i can do mechanics/cue to help?

you are definately falling apart you’re last 40 meters. I know i fall apart myself and i run 7.28 and 11.02. my worse 100m is a 11.7. and that’s when i really fell apart
you should be breaking 11.

yea, the times i’ve been running recently has been really frustrating knowing i can do much better regardless of the countless injuries i’ve gone through. i dont know what it is that keeps me from running the times i should be running. i’ve tried to incorporate the mechanics posted on the site but still i come up short. i can probably post my other marks.

standing long jump: 8’10
triple jump: 41’10 ('03)
long jump: 20’9 ('03)

and yea i ran a 50.3 400 relay split. but my flat 400 time is around 56.

wasn’t there a study done by Charles University in Prague? RE: extrapolation of times?

My PBs were 7.16 (indoor) & 10.92 but I trained for 200/400…


Your times are 7.05 and 11.70. I take it that both times are with legal wind-readings with the 60m time being indoors or allowing for a tail-wind.

With the right training you can expect to run much faster, perhaps around 10.90-11.00. Certainly this site will help you with the right training if you need advice.

I base my estimate on the following data from both men and women. While your top speed will be different from the top men, your speed can certainly be compared to the two females at the bottom of the list. The estimate is calculated by dividing the 60m into the 100m times of these competitors to find a figure of around 1.54-1.55 times 60m times. Hence, 1.55 times 7.05 = 10.92, a figure similar to the conversion of Issajenko in the 87 WC semis from Francis’s Training for Speed book.

1999 WC
M. Greene 6.39 9.80 1.533
B. Surin 6.38 9.84 1.542
D. Chambers 6.41 9.97 1.555
O. Thompson 6.50 10.00 1.538
T. Harden 6.47 10.02 1.548
Montgomery 6.52 10.04 1.539
J. Gardiner 6.51 10.07 1.546

1997 WC
M. Greene 6.40 9.86 1.540
D. Bailey 6.43 9.91 1.541
Montgomery 6.42 9.93 1.546
Fredericks 6.44 9.94 1.543
Bolden 6.45 10.02 1.553

1991 WC
C.Lewis 6.46 9.86 1.526
L. Burrell 6.41 9.88 1.541
D. Mitchell 6.42 9.91 1.543

1988 OG
Ben Johnson 6.33 9.79 1.546
Carl Lewis 6.48 9.92 1.530
L. Christie 6.50 9.97 1.533
C. Smith 6.50 9.99 1.536
D. Mitchell 6.54 10.04 1.535
R. Da Silva 6.57 10.11 1.538
D. Williams 6.47 10.11 1.562

1988 US semi?
Flo Jo 6.90 10.61 1.537
OG semi
Flo Jo 6.89 10.54 1.529

87 WC
Ben Johnson 6.38 9.83 1.540
Carl Lewis 6.50 9.93 1.527

Hass (male) 6.88 10.65 1.547
Issajenko 7.05 10.99 1.558
Phipps 7.53 11.67 1.549

I always found it hard to guage 60m times to 100m times do the factor of having a wind outdoors.

how about a sample of running workouts i can use that will help me get to my goal.

err shouldnt this be in another section? its hardly nutritional talk :slight_smile: