6 months left till the competition

Hey all,

I have 6 months left until my major competition. I am hoping for 11.4 seconds or in that vicinity. I am currently around 12.2 or so but I have alot of endurance work to do and still alot of strength work to come. Just thought I’d update you on my quest.

Go Past Your Limits!!!


Why don’t you list your current training schedule so we can give you feedback. Specific program critqiues have a tendancy of stimulating great conversations.

Also give us a general outline of your periodization in the coming months.

Well, I’ve already had the athletics carnival. I’m in the 16 years group. I wasted everybody so I was deliriously happy but the grass track was so shit (it had rained all week and the track sinks deeply) that just about everyone was running 1-2 seconds slower in the 100m.

I also have recently competed at the zone athletics carnival as well. I won the 100m and the 200m but because the carnival was held at the same track, the times were again, very very crap.

I ran 100m: 13.00 200m: 25.28 These were absolutely shocking times for me because on a good grass track 2 weeks before I ran 100m: 11.34 200m: 23.12

Gratefully, the regional carnival is being held on a decent grass track, but I will still have to wait till state which is on a synthetic to do some good times. It will be on the 1st of August. In the meantime I am training up to be ready for it.

Example session I recently did:

2 x 30m @ 90%
4 x (20m smooth acceleration then 40m all out sprint.)

Plyo’s: I’ve been doing single leg horizontal and vertical jumps and some double leg jumping and stuff. I’m keeping the volume low.

Anyway, I’m trying to get down to 5% body fat. I’m already nice and low, but i want to shed more. I weigh 70kg. 174 cm tall.

Currently benching 92kg, squatting 183kg and bla bla bla

Anyway, comments are welcome, I wonder if anyone on this forumn was at the mid north coast zone carnival? anyway Cya