6/4 clermont tgay fastest time in world.

lol well the results are up yet. should be on http://www.usantc.com/all_results.php when ready.
The really funny part will be the fact that gay will not be anywhere on the results. His coach had his time not posted on the results at the meet. so I dont know if they will be on the final. I asked him why gays results werent on there he gave me a funny answer but i think they were trying to keep it hush. like that was possible.

As for all the skeptics. Everyone that has run fast on this track has duplicated it at other meets this year, so why people are still questioning the validty of the meet is beyond me.

Would the fact that there is nothing giving a reaction from the blocks make any times ran invalid?

I know for a fact that every iaaf certified meet does not have block reactions.

Foot carry over the support knee. Foot lands almost directly beneath. Forward body lean. 5 meter stride!

Chris do you have the video of the women’s 400?

Naw I was warming up when they ran.

damn it my pics didnt show up. will have to redo

Did you see Adrienne Power(white girl) come 2nd in the 400? Because the results have her at 4th. She has contacted the meet directed.

I really don’t remember what place she came in. I just remember trotter being way out front.

I watched that race but unfortunately didn’t record it. I recorded the mens race. I don’t know her name but a white girl definitely did come in 2nd and it was pretty close between her and trotter.

The results e-mail I receive from T&FN says Al. Williams (EAI) in 52.03 PR was second to Trotter’s 51.88.

Ya thats not quite right, but I’m sure it will get fixed soon