400m web site


I got the link off letsrun.com

very nice…


Very good description of a 400m runner program, but he doesn’t go into much depth on whether he is training the “half-miler” type of runner or the “sprinter” type. A lot of coaches refer to them as two different types of runners, but then train them all the same way… GRrr…

Thx, nice article, but doesn’t the sample training programm show next to no “real” speed-work at all? Seems strange to me - any thoughts?

MJ stated, he did flying 60s etc. - can’t find anything like that on the sample program…

The Speed makers are the flying 60’s MJ was refering to (He did 60/40 instead of 50/50.

Frpm what I’ve gathered Hart gives different emphasis to the different types of athlete.