400 training. Woman looking to run 52/53

Have a 22yr old woman with prs of 11.6 for the 100 and 23.4 for 200 she has split 53.4 on relay and has only run 55 for the open. came in as a 100 girl. 12.3in the 100. 26.5 for 200 no 400 times. She has progressed well in the 100 and 200 We are now trying to see if we can bring the open 400 down. Program is a mix of KKs a many others. This summer she upped her lifting and long runs. She has come in fitter.300meter hill runs are all 1-2 sec faster. broken 600 runs are faster avg around 33-45-33 and she is doing an extra rep now at 4 just ran 3x3x300 rest 60-8sec btn reps 7 min btwn sets. all in avg time of 50 point. Last year averaged 52-53. We will see how it go’s

Hey coach! Keep us all posted. Sounds like she’s got some good speed to work with. Sounds very exciting!


When will she begin competition? What part of the country are you in?
Sounds pretty exciting.
Did she up her training this summer or did you ?

We are in the Northeast USA. First comp in Dec. We have gradually increased the workload each year. Very low key first year. Focused mainly on short races. Results were mixed at best. That summer she followed a plan that included small runs on grass 3to5 min weights and slow intervals with short recovery. During season we really increased work trained like 400 people but ran short races. Had excellent results. Last year she did more work and again adapted prs in 100 and 200. This summer we increased again she basically did the same summer work as the yr before but runs were at faster pace every thing was easier adaptation seems to have taken place.

She is fitter than ever. Of course top end speed is going to be a determining factor in how far she go’s Today was lift and pool

Awesome. Looking forward to updates!

Today 2x7x90 meter hills first few just to find rhythm. Walk down recovery. 5 min btwn sets. We alter different hill sessions from wk to wk some weeks short hard runs from 60 to 100m other weeks longer hills from 200 up to 350 meters. Probably wont extend out beyond 350. most will max out at around 300meters 2x300 with slow walk down recovery btwn reps and 20 to 30 mn btwn sets is a standard workout once we are fit.

Today tempo on grass 2x5x200 avg 35sec per 200 r=1 and 5 off sat and sun

Awesome Ted. KK has some really cool stuff. Search the forums for Henry’s training as well (Henry Mitchell). He ran a program similar to KK’s and was very successful as a long sprinter. He was in the same boat it sounds, as your female athlete - trying to get to that next level, and he was pretty successful at it. He was initially like a 21.8-22.0 guy then he went down to near 21.0 from like 18 to 21. Did a good amount of long SE split reps, like sets of split 300s (150+150) and 400s (200+200).

Thanks, Any idea where on here I could find Henrys training. I’ve read the lactate thread several times. I also think PJ had a 400 woman around 50-52. We haven’t gotten into long split runs yet. Short SE out to 80m is about as far as we have gone. Our longer hard runs have been done on the hills so far.

Yup, here’s the link: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?7232-Henry-s-Training-for-100-200

He never really focused on the 400m, but some of the things he did are really neat.

When you read his posts too, pay attention to the dates of things as well. He posted for a few weeks every few months.

He used to be under a well known coach, but then started training on his own and developing his own program and was also very successful at that.

Basically, for pre-comp, he ends up doing something like Mon - short sprints and max v. all with full recoveries, tempo tues, then on Wednesday a couple starts to warm up and longer sprints that get longer as the season progresses something like 120-150, then tempo thurs, and on Friday back to long split runs again, 200+. On all of the long sprints he has short recoveries between reps then complete recoveries between sets, until the competition period I believe, then goes with more complete recoveries. One of the most helpful threads on this forum IMO

Thanks I will have a look.

She is fitter than ever. Of course top end speed is going to be a determining factor in how far she go’s Today was lift and pool[/QUOTE]

My question was why do you think she is fitter than ever? What facts do you account for her improved fitness?

My question was why do you think she is fitter than ever? What facts do you account for her improved fitness? [/QUOTE]

Over the summer she had the same training as the previous summer. We do lots of rpt runs of 3,5,7,and10 min on grass. She ran all these runs at faster paces than the year before. IN the early fall we did 800s on grass for about 4 wks All these runs were better than last yr. All of her hill runs have been better this year as have her lactate power workouts(broken 600s and 3x3x300’s) She has also improved on all of her lifts. From all of this data, along with talking with the runner I can only conclude that she is fitter at this time than she was at the same time last year.

Mon hills 3x5x100. Mon is usually an acell, max v day but the weeks schedule is screwed up. We are in meetings most of the day tomorrow so tempo is all that can be done. Time trials wed. Tempo thurs. Accell work will be done fri and broken 600’s will be sat.

tues 2x10x100 tempo on grass. Ran at about 18 sec per 100

350 time trial today a bit windy. 46.7 final time off 2 step roll. Through 150 in 17.9, 200 24.6, 300 39.1 She was told to go hard right from the start.Tightened up a bit over last 100.

2x10x100 tempo on grass for today

I am wondering if the language … " go hard " is the language that works best for an athlete? Do you want her to go hard?
And what are your thoughts about her tightening up .

But bottom line is that Henry improved minimally from 49.16 as 18y at the start of the journal to lifetime best of 48.77 as 23y at the end.

Its never language that I use with a runner. In this case however I wanted her to really get after the first 200. She is not a 400 runner I wanted to see where she was in her training.Could she go out in 24 high with no real speed work or SE work. She did. As far as tightening up I think it was mainly due to the opening 200 being so fast. Shes not ready to handle that pace much beyond 225m. The hope is as we get into longer SE and eventually spec end she will be able to extend out. Ideally we are looking to set up a 25 first 200 and a come home 28 or there abouts. We still have quite a bit of work to do.