400 meter dash question


I am seeking advice from someone who can help me out with a 400 meter program. My PR is 51.3 in May. Since then I have been focusing on strength in the weight room and running a little bit. Here at Arizona State University we are having an intramural track meet in 4.5 months and I want to get my 400 to a sub 50 by then. If I do, then I might be able to practice with the track team. I was told by Christian Thib. at Testosterone Nation to do 4 four week blocks of sprints on mon, wed, and fri. He said to do 60-80m for block 1, 80-120m for block 2, 120-300 for block 3, and 350-450 for block 4. I am not sure how to actually structure my lifting days, sprinting days, tempo running days, and plyometric days. I have been told to lift on my non running days. I have also been told to lift after my hard sprint sessions so I don’t tax the CNS to much. What days should I do plyos? Could someone help me out and set me up with a simple regimen to reach my goal. I’d greatly appreciate it.


Hmm, sounds like you have some things right and some things not so right…(sounds pretty normal)

What are your strengths in the event? Do you feel your top speed is lacking or do you feel that your speed is fine and your endurance needs work? What have you done in the past? Good periodization depends on knowing the answer (or part of the answer) to these questions.

I have more endurance then speed, naturally. But, I have done a lot of explosive work so it has kinda evened out throughout the years. I’d say my weakness is speed though.

When is that meet and can anyone run at it?