40 yard sprint training

How important is it to do maxv work (flying sprints) in preparing to run a 40? Obviously, the majority of it is start and acceleration, but some people will hit top speed ealier than others (25-30 yds). Would it be beneficial to spend time here?

I think a 10m run up on the flys would serve a purpose. I doubt a long run up would be of much benefit.

You are referring to 10m of maxv following the acceleration, correct?

I meant a 10m relaxed accel into a 20m “maxv”. It should help more with your acceleration than max v.

Where did you get this from? This does sound like a good Idea, and Id use this a good short speed endurance or conditioning for football

Totally depends on what your personal strengths and weakensses are. I have always had a great burst from the line, but have done quite a bit of flying sprint work to help improve my 40.

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That’s what Im buying next I guess since there is supposed to be a whole section on football in it. Top speed would be my biggest weakness in the 40, since acceleration doesnt seem to be that much of a problem for me.