40 YArd Dash

What should I do to increase my 40 yard dash. Is it possible to increase it by half a second or higher. Anyone have any specific excersisses or programs to do thank you

I’d like to quote the great sprint mind Quikazhell on how to increase your 40 yd. dash time by up to half a second: “Run in jeans!”. Running the 40 backwards might also help.

If you have a change of heart and would like to decrease your 40 yd. dash time there are many resources on this site that could help you out. The Charlie Francis e-books sold on the site, as well as the DVD, are great and you could also find a lot of information just from searching around the forum. You might want to check out this thread:


as a starting point.

Once you’ve got a basic idea of the kind of plan you want to do post it here along with your background and we can help you with it.

However. if you do insist on increasing your 40 yard dash time i took some time to think of more ways…

-wear your shoes on the wrong feet
-tie your ankles together with a rope
-wear a backpack full of weights

if i think of more ill let you know. in the meantime good luck!

My 40 Yard Dash Workout

Tell me what you think. What I should change or add. Any help would be greatly appreciated only done this workout once and it is very tiring and I could barely finish the whole thing cuase I went to play bball lol. Anyway here u go.

Lay on your stomach and sprint 10 yards 5x
Lay on your back then roll to stomach and spring 10 yds 5x
squat down for 5 secs then sprint 10 yds 5x
broad jumps 3x5
Squat thrusts 15x
lunges 50 yds

Part 2
Pro Agility drill 3x
Arm pumps 3x5secs
Squat Jump then sprint 4x
Dot Drills
Burpees 15x

Part 3
Ball drop 10x
W drill 5x
L drill 5x

@ home part
Calf raises 3x20
Hip Flexors
Fire hydratants 15x
Leg circles 10x
Supermans 15x
You do all that in one day

It’s good that you want to better your 40, as it is the main testing instrument for sports today. However, there is no way to tell from reading that program how much you will improve.

Others are more qualified, but at first glance it seems like a very high volume of sprinting. Also, I don’t know what the purpose is of “laying on back and rolling to stomach and spring 10 yards.”

There is no weight lifting in the program, and muscle power is very essential for short distances.

Take some time and study this site. Cookie-cutter programs don’t always work. You need to understand the totality of what makes you faster. Studying this site, investing in the DVD, purchasing a book - these things will help you get faster.

Start by decreasing the volume. Not neccesarily the variety of exercize, but decrease the amount of sets of each exercise. Training to fatigue is not going to help your speed. It will help you puke. Why beat yourself up.
Nature’s great trick in responding to fatigue training is to try not to increase your muscle and power so that you don’t become a threat to the ecosystem. The way to build speed, and/or strength and power quickly is to not do fatigue work (unless you spacifically need to adress stamina.)
However, we realize that speed and the 40 yard dash is the thing they are loking for.

If you are playing baseball aswell, you just need to start by doing less sets of all the above, and start incorperating a functional strength program. Again, low sets, a few exercises 'cuase you’re allready doing a lot of other stuff, and low reps.

BTW, this slapnut strength coach I work with had the local college baseball team running gassers as part of their speed work. I’m not sure if any group of athletes could gain less from gassers than baseball players. Makes me want to puke.

His trick for speed development, Overspeed towing work, plus he used an overspeed treadmill. High on of gimmicks. Running with heavy sleds.

Get this, He puts overspeed work where ever he feels like, sometimes before a tough conditioning workout sometimes in the middle, after say a few gassers, sometimes at the end. At the end. Even if I believed in overspeed work, what sense does it make placing it at the end. Then it would become “normal speed” work.

After one particular workout I watched I said “tough workout” he responded “Did you like it?”. To which I said “Yes”, gotta be nice to get info on what he is doing. He responded with “I just made it up on the spot”. What the hell. What do they pay you for. He should have a periodized plan and be flexible with in the plan, not just make it up on how he feels.

No wonder the team is off to their worst start in 22 years.