40 yard dash breakdown/segment times/10/20/40

I am searching for segment time tables (10/20/40) for the 40 yard dash.

I think the numbers E gave are from the Bailey book. Note that these can vary quite significantly. For example, running backs often will have faster 10 and 20 splits but may have slower 30 - 40 splits. The model seems to fit a WR/DB type the best.

It may be hard to find that breakdown since the only time the 40 is run is the football combines. Just out of curiousity why is this of value to you? Maybee splits of a 60 meter dash may help if 40 yards is impossbile to find. The thing is that with a 40 it is from first movement instead of reaction time.
Possibly xlr8 may be of assistance.

splits for a 4.6 40 yard dash:

10yd 1.660 - 1.660
20yd 2.780 - 1.120
30yd 3.730 - 0.950
40yd 4.600 - 0.870

that seems about right

Fellas, Thanks for your inquiries and info regarding 40 times. I know the NFL uses estimated time segments in a breakdown of 10/20 yd. segments to help predict potential in the 40. It is only and estimate and doesn’t take into account different positions played and body composition of a participant. I was searching for a table that will help estimate 40 time from 10/20 breakdown.

What is a full 40y run not an option?

also the running mechanics vary on many athletes so it would be guess work to do so without electronic times…