40 Time and Football

Hey how are you I am new to this forum so I just wanted to ask a few questions about lowering my forty time. I am 17 and will be a Junior next year at a Prep School in Connecticutt. I play wide receiver and have decent quickness I run a 2.39 in the 20 yrd dash, but my forty is around 4.9. I am 5’10" 168 lbs. and have a 32" standing vertical. I am currently wokring out with Mike Boyle who is the former strength and conditioning coach of the Boston Bruins. That runs monday through thursday, I was just wondering is there anything else I can do to lower my forty time, I would like to get it around 4.6 by the end of the summer. All your thoughts are welcome, thanks.

Improvements in your 40-yard can come from strength, power, technique and flexibility.

The question is, which one(s) will benefit you most? In order to know we need more info. How strong are you? And, what type of workouts are you currently doing?

Are you sure you run 2.39? That really sounds to good to be only giving you a 4.9 on the other side. I have seen guys come out in 2.5 and run 4.5’s all day. Are you sure you clocked it right?
Get back to us on it

Dan Fichter

also it would help to detail current training to tell where improvements can be made. agree with above, your timing on the 20 yard may be off…

Agree with Dan. According to those numbers, you are running your first 20 (from a dead start) faster than your second 20 (from a running start) 2.39 + 2.51 = 4.9.

So, like Real said, we need to know more about your current training program to make recommendations and we need to get some real numbers for your splits (get them at 10, 20, 30 and 40 if possible.)

I just started my workout so I will give the full workout once the first week is over and yes the 20 time was off it was a 2.69 sorry. Get back to you this weekend. Thanks