4 tenths improvement in 13 days

Someone on my team ran a 11.93, and then 13 days later ran 11.51.

He himself was very surprised… his training before both meets was virtually the same. I watched both races and he didnt have a bad start in the first one or any other major things that could have cost him much time.

So what are thoughts on this 4 tenths drop in time in just 13 days?

It is possible, but not to actually make those gains in speed. Perhaps there were wind differences, and he had a sluggish start with the 11.93 and a good start with the 11.51. Maybe he was tired and exhausted, and/or poorly warmed up for the 11.93. What was his pb before the 11.51?

His pb before the 11.51 was 11.88 from last year.

The two 100s ran here were both indoor 100s (outdoor sized-indoor track) so both 0 wind.

I dont know about a sluggish race, but he didnt look tired the day of the 11.9 because he ran pretty nice in the relay but wasnt as good during his hurdles run.

And for the warm up… being a hurdler… he has hurdles before the 100m, so im going to say being warmed up and ready wasnt the issue for him.

Is there any explanation? No one else made anywhere close to this kind of improvement.

I can’t see how that would be to unusual at these performance levels if training went right through the SPP. It would be a lot more remarkable if he dropped from 10.90 to 10.50 but not unknown either, especially trainiong in a L-to-S program where you need the races to bring the speed out.

Would the races be more so for top speed? Or for speed endurance?
My finish in the last 2 races felt very weak, I blew away the first 60m, then slowed down big time. My 400m has improved a lot though and I’ve done speed endurance work as well, do you think with a stronger finish I can also drop 2-3 tenths?

Based on comparable times, the second half of the 100 can contain a very large amout of deceleration, so improvement based on doing the specific activity can make a big difference in a few races. Speed Endurance is specific to the event speed, so Endurance for the 400 would not be specific enough for the 100, so you need some races there.

5-6 races including relays before i can reach peak performance?

and doing workouts like…


all good for speed endurance correct?

Charlie, how many races (100 + 200) should a person run who is on a L to S program with a window period of 4 months?

For a more detailed explanation you can get the SPP lecture series but at a minimum, you need 5 races to lead to a performance peak. The more you have to improve (starting from slower times) the more races you need.

Does Prelims and Finals count as two races on that 5 race scale?

And what if I run 2 relays + 100m, so counts as 3 races if i go full effort?