Cheers DMA

Well done Gloop

I don’t know if this is a result of competition.

I have finished my first of training - 5 sessions and no problems :smiley:

And in my 3rd pool session I wasn’t lapped by any 5 years old

I know its nothin special to many of u but I got a new PB today ( well of recent eons lol )
I came 3rd in a local 100m in 12.4 - I’m pleased cos I only moved up from 80m this week lol and after leading at 60m I went backwards with a total Bloch style lordotic curve in the last 20m :o so I’m quite hopeful that once my speed end increases I’ll get below 12 secs this year which is my target for 2003 .
My first 100 last year was 14.2 and my last was 12.68 so progress is being made .
Ty 2 all

just got back from a huge class AA meet, very intimidating for a freshman like me. i didn’t run the 100 cuz i suck at it this year. i ran the 200. i ran a 24.9. i can’t understand why i ran a 24.88 FAT w/ no blocks or spikes, indoors, and yet the best i have run handtimed this year outdoor is 24.8. in long jump i had some huge takeoffs, but no in air technique. the one decent jump i had (probably a high 18, low 19) i rocked back to try to jump up and somehow my shoulderblades touched the sand, so it was marked alot farther back. in the 4x100, we had to put a discus thrower in to replace our fastest guy, and we had no tape or a baton, cuz our manager is an idiot and forgot it. we had to improvise and i had to come to a dead stop to get the hand off. we ran a 46.4h. in the 400, i ran it for the first time this year and got a 55.71h, tying my junior friend from my school.

i guess nobody else competed!!!:smiley:


I just started training after 4 weeks off at the end of competition.

I can’t be happier.

Still recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery. Therapy, weights, stretching, abs, thats it. Still saving up for an EMS unit.

Get professional advise before using EMS on an ACL reconstruction. You’re not supposed to use stim where there’s a metal screw as it may cause bone deterioration around the screw. (You can use it everywhere else during the rehab period, however.

i posted my results for this week on last weeks’s results section :0. anyway, i ran an untrained 11.5 coming off an injury.
you don’t even want to know what my 400 and 200 times were!

How much does a cinder track hurt your time versus running on all weather? My ego is badly bruised so I’d really like to get some opinions on this. I want to hear the answer before I disclose my time:(.

what event are you referning too? and did you use blocks and spikes on this cinder track?

100 and 200 (but I mostly care about 100). Yeah, I used both block and spikes.

id say the 100 could be up to .4 difference… dunno about the 200 since i dunno how much a cinder track may hurt your curve running ability.

Thanks for the reply. Well, then I’m not posting my time. Maybe Wednesday (although that’s on cinder too).

where are you from that you run on all these old school cinder tracks…
there is one cinder track at a middle school that used to be a h.s. in the county that i live. i cant imagine running a meet on it. they havent had a meet on it since 1978 i belive

Actually I don’t live in Montana or anything. I live in the suburbs of New Jersey about an hour away from New York City. We have a cinder track at our school, and the school we went to today had one too. This Wednesday we’re going against this team with an absolutely beautiful all-weather track and doing the meet at home. Its ridiculous.

Thanks Charlie, I will consult with my doctor and physiotherapist first

lol, pete, i actually DO live in montana. there are alot of JV and class B and C meets held on cinder tracks. they will take a couple tenths off in the 100 and almost half a second on the 200. most surfaces are all weather now though. i had a meet today, typical montana track, 33º F and sometimes snowing. ran an 11.82 and a 24.6, not too bad considering conditions. our 4x100 got 2nd with 46.3 and a horrible handoff from me to the 3rd leg. our 4x400 got third w/ a 3:52, but we had only two real 400 runners on the team. we’ll get better. did ne one else have a weekday meet?

Cinder track losses can range from .2 to unlimited based on the condition and wetness of the track.