30m Sprint Results

^^lol Hey it’s better then nothing… For the past 2 years I have been training without taking anytime… Anyhow if anybody (a coach) lives in PA and is willing to time me let me know…

If you got your mom to use a Camcorder - you could Time your efforts Electronically off that. Wont take reaction times or such into account, but will be consistent.

I copy. Thank you.

If you want to take it a step further and get moms to fire a gun, take a look at this article off TrackInfo.org about “Poor man’s Auto-Timing”; it could be useful information. Though of course you’d need a starter’s pistol…


Thank you for that info.

Alright guys… Did a 60m run today. I ran a 6.62 hand time.

I think in a week or so I’m going to test myself in the 200m

So, heading for a 10:5 ish 100m?
In the realms of 21-22 200?
Sound about right?

10.5/21 anything would be awesome and I will be VERY pleased. My old prs from 1999 at 175lbs was 11.1/22.2

I would then build on this year to the next and aim for a faster 200m which is the event I think I will do best with being that I ran 47/48 400s in 1999.

Btw, it’s funny you mention 10.5, I was looking at the 10m segments of Flowjoe and my 30-60 is the same. WOW! That WOMAN was fast!!! I see her race from a whole different perspective, no wonder why her record has not been broken.

Not to burst your bubble but hand times for short sprints in training are nearly meaningless. Could be 10.5, could be 11.2.

Would a 200m be long enough?

The longer the better. .5 error on 30m = WR. .5 error on 200m not such a big discrepancy.

Hand timing gets rounded up to the nearest 10th of a second, 6.62 becomes 6.7. Don’t let anyone burst your bubble Champion keep improving and enjoying what you are doing.

Thank guys^^ I’m going to do a modified 10 day taper (reduced volume) as per CFTS and see what I can come up with. Also, I have no problems with any kind of feedback, this is SERIOUS business to me and I’m not looking for yes men or feel good answers in return.

I always thought it was .24. Hmmm.

For the purpose of calculating a conversion to a FAT performance (a solid estimate at best) first you round up to then add .24

The majority of time spent for anyone is in training not in competition and if you are not able to rely on timing regarding a 10, 20 or 30 meter then what guideline might one have for the basis of your overall training ? Ideally you need the same person around to time you and over time this person needs to be movtivated to learn consistency of how to time accurately . I don’t think we want to dismiss timing for short sprints but we do want to understand the magin for error and how over time our timing translates into our longer runs and ultimately competition.

I was a level 1 track official, hand timing is never displayed in 100s so always round up to nearest 10th. I didn’t write the rules I just followed them.

im just curious of where the predictors from 30m comes from. because on my journal its said that a 4 flat off first movement for 30m is well sub 11 for the hundred, but if you take 4.00 for the first 30m, .15 for RT and then take a speed of 10 m/s (probably about what the fastest hs kids run at least) and assume perfect se, that still adds up to 11.15. seems like the charts are very sweked towards those with good top speed and not so good a start,eh?

I think it’s a bad idea to rely on 30m timing for anything but 30m times. I’ve been timed at 3.98 from first motion and I run 12.5 FAT!

If you want a more accurate predictor of 100m speed, as stated above the further you go the better. I find that a hand timed 150m is a very accurate predictor of 100m and 200m for me- I’m not saying it will work for you, but it will be much better than trying to extrapolate 30m times.

Now, if you’ve only been running 30m accels in your training, I’m not suggesting you go and blast off a few 150’s, because that will definitely screw you up. I’ve noticed at least in the south here where I am for the summer, there are a surprising number of open meets that run outdoor 50’s and 60’s. If you haven’t been going really far in training, that could be a safe way to get at least an idea of your FAT times without perhaps exposing you to injury risks.

On a side note, Ku2u was kind enough to lend me his Freelap for the past couple of weeks, and it is frighteningly accurate. They are expensive, but an invaluable tool for those training alone, especially if you have the touch pad button and at least two timing stick thingy’s, that way you could get your 0-30m time, plus say a flying 20m split or flying 30m split. Trust me, you may be appalled by your actual 20m split, but at least it will be accurate. Very useful!

If you can’t spend $500, I’d say mark out 30m with a couple of waist height hurdles on the track, get someone to videotape you, and import it into Windows Movie Maker. You can get within 0.03 at 30 frames per second, then you can round up.

Many high school football players can run a 4.25 sec 40 yard dash if their dad has a good stopwatch and a slow thumb.

Christopher Glaeser
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