30m fly test/ standing

Im gearing up for my GPP & was thinking of doing these tests as a measure of max v & accel ability.

30m fly test (divided by the time recorded) = m per second. this an important # to track? also what about the accel differential?

Triguy, hey man what’s up?

I think you could do that as a test just to see where you’re at, but if I were you, I would also think about using more general type of distances for baseline. I don’t know where you are in your overall development or how long you’ve been training, but if you are coming back from a layoff or are new, I would be careful with maxV stuff.

Since you are just starting gpp, you may consider going out and getting a baseline time for 100,200,400m just to see where you are and to have a time to measure your progress against. That’s what I did when I started my gpp–I went out one day and ran two 400m dashes just to see what I could do and now I have something to measure my progress against. Again, you could do as you stated with the 30m, but at least think about testing the other distances also.

I like the idea of a 30m fly test. Are you thinking of doing it as a 60m run at full effort where you split it into two 30m sections on the times? I think that would be optimal, since the first 30m would measure acceleration, while the 2nd 30m would measure top speed.

heatwave, good suggestion on timing other distances, but those times you mentioned (100, 200, 400) will all most likely improve due to better overall fitness and speed/special endurance as you train. So they wouldnt be the best indicators of top speed and acceleration. Still though, there’s nothing wrong with obtaining baseline times that you can compare your progress against, just be sure not to overexert yourself and push yourself to injury trying to get a time for a distance your not ready for yet.

on grass

…not sure which i should of done first

standing 30m

30m fly (15m build up)

Im thinking since my fly is close to my standing i have poor max v?

please comment guys

…also what should my fly numbers be if i want to run a sub 11 100m? so i have a goal.

just for comparison I hit 3.97 and 4.01secs from a standing start on grass, at the end of a session of max effort 56m sprints, sets of 3 depth jumps off 26-27inches and hops on and off a 12inch step (max rep in 10secs) last week.

Might have been able to do in the high 3.8s and low 3.9s if I was fresh I think. Plus my start technique isn’t all that good. I was running in spikes though.
I weigh around 205-207lbs and run the 100m around 11secs.

anyway the chart in this article should help - times from blocks though and probably on a nice track as well…


My best ever 30m is a 3.93 in spikes on grass for your comparison, with a best in the 100m of 11.5. I’m known for my strong starts though, and my MaxV/Speed End is pitiful in comparison

thanx coolcolj for the pdf! Looks like like I would need a sub4 standing/blocks 30m and a sub 3!!! 30mfly to hit sub 11

My limit strength is very poor, so im thinkin i got lots of room for improvement! This is also my first structured year of sprinting.

Wouldnt speed endurance play a factor in my 30mfly results? maybe my SE is poor?